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Environmental policy

Austria Trend Hotel Anatol**** goes green.

The Austria Trend Hotel Anatol****, a hotel of VERKEHRSBUERO HOSPITALITY, and all its employees are committed to sustainability. We seek to conserve resources, strive for continuous quality improvements and make every effort to raise environmental awareness among employees, partners and suppliers. 

For these environmental endeavours, we received the Austrian Eco-Label for Tourism in 2019. The award mainly focuses on the following areas:

In terms of environmental management, the Austria Trend Hotel Anatol**** will ...

  • provide all employees with the necessary training and refresher courses to uphold and enhance environmental awareness within the hotel
  • carefully review and optimise energy and water consumption and the consumption of chemicals
  • carefully select suppliers in strive of a more environmentally friendly procurement
  • promote our environmental agenda to guests and suppliers and include them in our ambitions to protect and sustain the environment for future generations
  • show our social commitment by supporting charitable activities and joint projects with training centres for jobs in the tourism industry
  • take on social responsibility by providing our employees with free health care at the hotel and offering a wide range of courses to promote a better work life balance


Conservation of resources by reducing waste and saving energy and water:

  • Use of energy-saving lighting technology and successive transition to LED lighting in all public areas.
  • Adaptation of the everyday workflow for saving paper and reducing the daily amounts of waste.
  • We have implemented a more efficient process design, including an electronic booking system, an electronic data storage system and electronic invoices to reduce unnecessary paper consumption.
  • Information leaflets in all hotel rooms promote our environmental agenda to our guests. Recycling bins in the public hotel areas allow them to support us in our endeavour by sorting waste, making sure that valuable materials can be recycled.
  • At the Austria Trend Hotel Anatol**** we only sell beverages that are supplied in reusable beverage containers.


Environmentally relevant Quality Management

  • We work with local suppliers to avoid that our valuable food has to be transported over long distances.
  • We use organic food products.
  • Far-reaching renunciation of disposable packaging in the food and beverage area to avoid unnecessary waste.
  • Against food waste: We cooperate with the app "Too Good To Go", with which we sell surplus food from the restaurant at a very reasonable price.
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products in all areas and ongoing optimization of detergent use.
  • Reduction of disposable packaging in the field of hygiene products.


Environmentally friendly mobility

  • We reward our guests, if they have travelled to our hotel in an environmentally friendly way. Click here for the offer. 
  • In addition, electric filling stations are available to our environmentally conscious guests all over Vienna and are continuously expanded in cooperation with our energy provider.


Taking a look into the future

  • We regularly review and analyse our actions to ensure continual improvement in the future.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our hotel, wish you a nice stay and thank you for your assistance.

Your team of the Austria Trend Hotel Anatol****