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Environmental policy

Austria Trend Hotel Bosei goes green.

The Austrian Trend Hotel Bosei sees itself as a responsible member of our society in environmental matters. In this role, we not only bear responsibility for our environment and the resources at our disposal, but have also committed ourselves to making our environmental contribution through sustainable environmental management for future generations. Therefore, we are particularly concerned to involve you as our guest actively in the measures we have taken.

  • We actively involve our employees in our environmental policy.
  • We train our employees in the use of resources.
  • We inform our guests about our environmental goals.
  • We ask our guests for their help in achieving our environmental goals.
  • We promote the use of public transport.
  • We make every effort to continuously reduce our consumption of resources.
  • We process food from regional production.
  • We use food from sustainable cultivation.
  • We take care with chemical cleaning agents.
  • We invest in the ecological efficiency of our hotel.



(Ecology) Principle, according to which no more can be consumed, as each regrow, regenerate, in the future can be provided again.

Our sustainable activities were recognized for the first time in 2000 with the award of the Austrian Ecolabel by the Ministry of Life. Since then, we have been deeply humble with this remarkable "seal of quality as a guarantor of environmentally friendly products and services", constantly striving to live up to our expectations and develop our expertise on a daily basis.

An open dialogue with our employees and guests always helps us to get a little better every day - to the next generations for love.