Master´s bedroom with poster bed | Schloss Schönbrunn Grand Suite in Vienna
Window view to the Gloriette | Schloss Schönbrunn Grand Suite in Vienna
Sleeping room with writing desk | Schloss Schönbrunn Grand Suite in Vienna
Living room with couch and flatscreen | Schloss Schönbrunn Grand Suite in Vienna
Badezimmer with bathtub | Schloss Schönbrunn Grand Suite in Vienna
Live like imperial royality

The Schloß Schönbrunn Grand Suite 

Visitors will be greeted by a wave of imperial charm from the moment they cross the threshold. The unique suite in Schönbrunn Palace offers another entry to the list of unusual places to stay in Europe.

Guests are able to dine like an emperor and escape their everyday life in the comfortable four-poster bed in a 167m² suite that exudes imperial charm at every turn. The luxurious interior and modern features take their cues from the decorative style that runs through the rest of the former Habsburg summer residence. 

Window view to the Gloriette | Schloss Schönbrunn Grand Suite in Vienna


Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a salon, living room and kitchenette finished in gold, black and white await – each item of furniture is a hand-finished one-off inspired by the imperial palace. The familiar court damask, more commonly referred to as pineapple damask, provides an imperial design element. Named after the stylised pineapple motif at the heart of the pattern, this red silk wall covering is the exclusive preserve of the imperial court and lends the suite an additional touch of imperial charm.



White or black? Gloriette or Privy Garden? - You are spoiled for choice

The Master Bedroom is decorated in white and gold, has a canopy covered in carvings and an elegant gold-wallpaper with shimmering stones surrounding a four-polster bed. Enjoy a direct view of the Gloriette from the bed. The second bedroom is as luxurious, but appears to be slightly more modern thanks to its red-black design. It is furnished with a sumptuous black bed, featuring gold trimmings, a leather covered desk and gold-patinated dresser.  A moiré wallpaper-covered and abundant stucco decorated corridor connects the two bedchambers.

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