Panorama mit Blick über den Fluss | Ljubljana Panorama mit Blick über den Fluss | Ljubljana
River channel in the city | Ljubljana
Panorama apove the city and the castle | Ljubljana
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Surroundings & Activities

Just a few minutes by public transport and you will be right in the heart of the Slovenian capital. The centre of the heritage-listed old town is brimming with attractions for you to discover, such as St. Nicholas’ Cathedral where the history of the past 300 years comes to life before your eyes. 
Tivoli mansion fountain and statue | Ljubljana

Sightseeing & Culture

The site of St. Nicolas' cathedral was previously occupied by two different churches, both of which were lost in fires. Other places to find out more about the capital’s history include Ljubljana Castle and Maria’s Visitation Church. It’s well worth taking a stroll along the castle’s elevated grounds to enjoy the views of the city below. And if you want to take a couple of minutes away from it all, the beautiful grounds of the Tivoli Castle are the perfect place to escape the hubbub of city life for a while. The ancient city walls provide an idea of what Ljubljana, known as Emona to the Romans, must have looked like in the days of Caesar.

Museum Metelkova exterior view | Ljubljana | ©  Dejan Habicht

Urban Ljubljana

A walk around Ljubljana soon reveals an interesting balance between contemporary and historic attractions.  From the modern art museum to the Metelkova Autonomous Culture Zone, a former Yugoslav era barracks now used for concerts, exhibitions and other contemporary events – Ljubljana has nothing to worry about on the international stage when it comes to culture. In fact, the different faces of the Slovenian capital and the refreshing mix of historic gems and young hotspots will come together to make your exclusive stay at the Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana even more unforgettable.

Runner's Guide

Discover our surroundings with the Austria Trend Runner's Guide. Here you can download routes of varying difficulty directly to your smartphone or download them as a PDF file and use them for free.

Route A - for Beginners

2.5 km (approx. 17 min)
Short route around the hotel where you will see the World Trade Center and the modern Stožice sport center: Dunajska cesta – Arena Stožice – World Trade Center


Via Dunajska cesta, Zupanova ulica and Robičeva ulica to Štembalova ulica. Continue on Baragova ulica and turn on Vojkova cesta. Get a view of the Arena Stožice and turn left on cesta Janeza Porente. Take the Dunajska cesta next to the World Trade Center that will lead back to the hotel. 

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Route B - Easy jogging

4 km (approx. 27 min)
Enjoy your run with a mix of city and green surroundings: Dunajska cesta – Green surroundings of Dečkova ulica – Ministry of Defense – Arena Stožice – World Trade Center


Start your run on Dunajska cesta and take the smaller streets Zupanova ulica and Robičeva ulica to Štembalova ulica. Continue on Baragova ulica and take a sharp right at the roundabout onto Dečkova ulica with its beautiful green surroundings. Take the Kardeljeva ploščad from where you can also see the Slovenian Ministry of Defense and turn right again on Vojkova cesta. Follow the street and take a look at the Arena Stožice. Your final spurt starts on Janeza Porente and ends on Dunajska cesta that will take to the hotel.

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Route C - Training with Sightseeing

5.3 km (approx. 36 min)
Diverse route with various highlights like green parks and works of the well known architect Jože Plečnik:  Dunajska cesta – Ministry of Defense – Žale cemetery – Memorial to the fallen in the war for Slovenia – Slovenian Chamber of Commerce – Arena Stožice – World Trade Center


From the hotel you take Dunajska cesta that will connect you to the smaller streets Zupanova ulica and Robičeva ulica. Those will lead to Štembalova ulica and Baragova ulica. Follow the street and turn right onto Vojkova cesta. When you reach Kranjčeva ulica turn left, run past Žale cemetery and follow Tomačevska cesta through the park with several monuments. Take a left on Na Žalah which will lead you back to Vojkova cesta. Pass the Arena Stožice and start your final spurt on Janeza Porente and Dunajska cesta until you reach the hotel again.

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