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Environment and Sustainability Strategy

Austria Trend Parkhotel Schönbrunn goes green.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” (Robert Swan)

At the Austria Trend Parkhotel Schönbrunn, sustainability and the conservation of resources are not simply empty words: they are an important part of our daily work. As a member of VERKEHRSBUERO HOSPITALITY, we are part of a large-scale corporate environmental management programme. As a result of diverse measures and specific priorities in all areas of our hotel, we are succeeding in making a significant contribution to its implementation.

In recognition of our commitment we are certified with the Austrian Ecolabel for Tourism. This means that we not only adhere to existing measures, but also regularly review these and constantly seek to set new targets.

The following themes are important to us:


Management & communication

We involve all of our employees, suppliers and visitors in the implementation of our environmental policy:

  • We communicate our measures and objectives in writing and our in-house environmental team is extremely vigilant regarding their implementation. We increase awareness in this area through ongoing training sessions.
  • Environmentally-friendly procurement by way of the conscious selection of our suppliers and the integration of our partners into our daily endeavours to preserve the environment.
  • We regularly review energy, water and chemical consumption figures as a basis for continual improvements.
  • Consideration of environmental consciousness and sustainability with regard to new investment projects
  • We assume social responsibility. In addition to a freshly-prepared breakfast being available to our employees every day, we also offer the opportunity to have lunch or an evening meal at the hotel. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive training programme, measures aimed at promoting work-life balance as well as free on-site medical consultation if required. We enable our employees to get involved in charitable activities and support tourism-related training facilities through joint projects.
  • We do not offer promotional gifts - unless they are demonstrably sustainable.
  • We operate our hotel as a non-smoking hotel out of consideration for the health of our visitors and employees.
  • Our hotel is accessible - we offer guests with limited mobility rooms which are equipped appropriately for their needs.


Conservation of resources

The conservation of resources is a central theme of our environmental policy since our raw materials are not infinitely available:

  • We focus on saving paper and reducing daily waste volumes by:
    • dispensing with paper forms to a large extent. 
    • gradually switching to paperless office solutions in all possible areas.
    • where possible, using reusable containers (food, drinks).
    • offering waste separation systems in the public area of the hotel.
  • Through water-saving measures we keep the amount of water flow as low as possible with regard to our showers, baths, taps and toilets.
  • Use of energy-saving LED lighting in all areas
  • We regularly clean and maintain our appliances at the hotel. Dusty cooling fins in radiators or porous, cracked seals on the minibar result in high levels of consumption. We are able to counter these energy guzzlers by cleaning and maintaining appliances regularly. With regard to new purchases, we make a conscious effort to select the most energy-efficient appliances.
  • Active involvement of employees and guests in the separation of waste and the recycling of valuable raw materials
  • We constantly strive in our F&B outlets, aided by the preparation of precise F&B calculations, to determine in advance as accurately as possible the amounts of freshly-prepared drinks and meals in order to waste as little food as possible.



Environmentally-conscious use of cleaning products and materials

  • We have switched a large proportion of our cleaning products to an eco-certified range. In order to prevent waste, we buy these in bulk packs or refillable bottles.

  • Where possible, we avoid using disposable hygiene products

  • Both our bed linen and our pillows and duvets are sourced from controlled organic cultivation and have been tested for harmful substances.

  • Our laundry supplier demonstrates its commitment to the environment with an environmental management system certification in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001.


Quality enhancement through high-quality food

  • In order to reduce the amount of waste we produce we avoid - where possible and based on prevailing circumstances - using portion packs for food and we use reusable containers.
  • When making food selections, we put the focus on locally-sourced produce. In this way, we avoid long transportation routes and are able to offer seasonal produce. 
  • When purchasing food, we make it a priority to increase the proportion of organic food and are constantly striving to expand our focus on locally-sourced produce. 
  • All of our dishes are freshly prepared and naturally we avoid using imitation food.
  • Our food leftovers are disposed of properly. Furthermore, we are advocating saving food with the initiative Too Good To Go.
  • Our food leftovers are professionally collected by organic waste disposal specialists and converted into environmentally-friendly energy with the help of biogas plants.


Environmentally-friendly mobility

  • Our guests are rewarded for a environmentally friendly journey.  Click here for the offer.
  • The hotel has very good public transport links.
  • In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there are facilities provided by the city of Vienna (“WienMobil”) and there are also e-scooters available from various providers. The underground U4 line is situated 5 minutes away from the hotel and offers an attractive direct connection to the city centre.


Looking to the future

We continually review, analyse and make improvements to the measures stated above and record these in an action plan. By working together with all employees, visitors, partners and suppliers we are contributing to a better future.

If you have any other ideas, we look forward to hearing them!

We would like to wish you a pleasant stay at our hotel which creates lasting memories. 

Your team of the Austria Trend Parkhotel Schönbrunn