Culture makes children hungry


Let's be honest. If you travel through Vienna with a child, you are not primarily looking for lunch in a great playroom with homemade cakes in Vienna Hernals (although it does actually exist: We parents come out of the museum or gallery visit with the now PISA-educated child and need something to eat, and straight away! If the blood sugar level falls, we know that this means red alert as far as children are concerned. 
Eating with children, who are past the crawling stage, means above all:

•    It has to be close and the service fast.
•    It must not be too crowded.
•    Guests and waiters should be patient.
•    If there are also play areas, crayons or child seats, then this is pure luxury!

Where to go, after a cultural visit?

In summer the choice is still easy. If you are near the Museumsquartier and Kunsthistorisches Museum, there are plenty of restaurants with outdoor seating areas to choose from. The children can move around outside and the grumbling (of child and parents) is limited. In winter, however, when the restaurants are bursting full, you have to be more creative.

Fortunately in Vienna there are also places that are suitable for children near the museums and galleries. For visitors to the Museumsquartier, for example, the Café Dschungel in the theatre of the same name is tempting for children. But also in the direction of the 7th district there are places that are fun for children. Less recommendable, however, are the restaurants in the museums, which usually offer rather average food and slow service.

Children's meals around the Museumsquartier

Friendly and relaxed

The Museumsquartier is in itself a great attraction for children – a large inner courtyard to run around and the colourful Enzi seats. But where is the best place to eat? 

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Honestly. If it has to be really fast, then it is too easy for us Viennese parents to visit McDonald's, for example to Austria’s first “Macky”on Schwarzenbergplatz. But that does not have to be. Especially the area around the Schwarzenbergplatz and the Kärntner Ring, and therefore not far from the Hotel Europa or Astoria, is a hotspot for parents.  A good place to visit is the Haus der Musik - great fun for children. Which five-year-old can say no when there are recordings of snoring and burping? Exactly.

Kind im Restaurant | © Shutterstock

Snacks for the little ones between the Haus der Musik and Belvedere

Culture whets the appetite

Child-friendly restaurants near the Haus der Musik, Vienna’s Konzerthaus and the Belvedere are few and far between but there are some: Burger, Donuts and Co await you. 

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But one thing is also clear: especially in Vienna it is easy to overdose children with culture. There is something to see everywhere and almost every museum offers children's tours. Do not plan too much. Even a "stroll" along the Ring offers children a lot of cultural and historical impressions without having to visit a museum. And especially in the city centre, there are food highlights for parents and children, such as yamm on the Universitätsring.

Hungry between Albertina and Schottentor

Dining between art and culture

After a visit to the Albertina , a further highlight of any visit to Vienna is a walk along the Ring, past the Burgtheater to Schottentor. But where can you go to eat?

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Mei Lie Tjia

At the age of five Mei Lie Tja emigrated with her parents from Shanghai to Vienna. Since then she has been both fascinated and obsessed by Vienna. Mei  loves photo safaris in the chic, bohemian districts, discovering new cafés (espresso with lots of sugar) and writing short stories about magical Vienna.  Since she has become the mother of two children, she no longer has so much time for that – has however discovered a new side of Vienna. One which also has lots of surprises in store for families.

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