Vienna Opera Ball Polonaise | © Peter Rigaud  Vienna Opera Ball Polonaise | © Peter Rigaud
Ball season 2024

The best events of the 2024 ball season in Austria

Romantic ballroom events are as typically Austrian as the famous Sachertorte cake or a cup of Viennese melange coffee. With more than 400 events every year, Austria is the glamorous home of ballroom dancing, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world.  

However, there’s more to today’s balls than just doing the Viennese waltz or the quadrille. The opening dance and midnight interlude of the debutantes and debutants, the ladies’ gift, ball orchestra and a glass of champagne or two are the glamorous ingredients for an unforgettable night. 

Austria’s most beautiful balls at a glance

The most famous and biggest ball in Austria undoubtedly is the Vienna Opera Ball. Celebrities from all over the world come to this renowned event to do the waltz and enjoy the history-charged atmosphere of the Vienna State Opera. Tickets for the ball are so popular that it’s strongly advised to book your tickets for next year’s event right after this year’s ball. However, Austria’s ball season has more to offer than just the Vienna Opera Ball. With many other events all across the country, Austria is a paradise for ballroom dancers.

Ballroom events in Vienna

Vienna’s Parkhotel Schönbrunn also hosts many ballroom events throughout the season. 

Ballroom events in Salzburg

  • February 03, 2024: Rot Kreuz Ball (Red Cross Ball) at Salzburg Congress

Ballroom events in Graz

Ballroom events in Linz

Ballroom events in Innsbruck

  • February, 2024: Tiroler Bauernbundball (Ball of the Tyrolean Farmer’s Association) at Congress Innsbruck

Unforgettable ball nights with Austria Trend Hotels

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Blue Danube Waltz

It’s already more than 150 years ago that the Blue Danube Waltz was first performed in Vienna in early 1876. Johann Strauss’ world-famous melody is not just Austria’s unofficial national anthem but also a vital part of every ballroom event.

Waltz dance steps

Last-minute waltzing

You’re not 100 percent sure-footed when it comes to traditional waltzing? Why not refresh your skills for this year’s ball season with our little basic step guide and be perfectly prepared for the next “May I have the pleasure of the next dance”?

 Waltz dancing couple

Checklist for a glamorous ball night

Are you ready for the big waltz? Thought of everything you need? In order to spend an unforgettable ball night in Vienna, Salzburg or any other Austrian city, it’s good to be prepared. With our checklist, you’re all set for a glamourous dance night! 

Our tip: Try on your ball gown or tailcoat about two weeks before the event. This leaves you with enough time to arrange potential changes. If you don’t have your own ball outfit, you can rent one here.

Before the ball
•    Book a hotel
•    Break in new ball shoes
•    Make a hair appointment 
•    Make a manicure & pedicure appointment
•    Practice your dance steps
•    Don’t forget the cufflinks

On the night of the ball
•    Tickets
•    Cash
•    Beauty kit
•    Blister pads
•    Book a taxi

The ABC of ballroom events

Do you know what a ladies’ gift is? Have you heard of flower pinching or dancing cards? Find out some interesting trivia about the history, terminology and traditions of ballroom events!

Ball history
Balls used to be veritable upper-class marriage markets. After all, it’s there that debutantes were introduced to marriageable men back then.

Blue Danube Waltz
It’s already more than 150 years ago that the Blue Danube Waltz was first performed in Vienna in early 1876. Johann Strauss’ world-famous melody is not just Austria’s unofficial national anthem but also a vital part of every ballroom event.

Bow tie
The famous bow tie was invented by Duchess Louise de La Vallière, the mistress of Louis XIV. She is said to have been the first to knot a tie into the distinctive “butterfly wings”.  
At a ball, men are advised to wear white bow ties. After all, it’s the ball’s service staff that traditionally wears the black ones.

Candy Ball
At every Bonbon Ball, guests and jury elect the “Miss Bonbon”.

Dance card
On the dance card, female ball guests can note down their dance partners for the individual dances. The first and last dance of the evening are traditionally reserved for your date.

Dress code
Men are advised to wear a dark suit or dinner jacket with a discreet tie or a white bow tie. Those who like it more formal go for a tailcoat with a white shirt and bow tie. For the ladies, it’s either cocktail dress or evening gown.


Flower pinching
At the end of the night, guests are allowed to take home the ball’s floral decoration.

Ladies’ gift
The ladies’ gift is a small present for the female ball guests. Good news for the gents: some balls also have gentlemen’s gifts!

Opera Ball
Looking for a way to spend your money? The most expensive loge at Vienna’s famous Opera Ball can be rented for 20,500 Euros! Throughout the ball night, guests consume a whopping 1,800 pairs of sausages, 800 bottles of champagne and 800 bowls of goulash soup.

The quadrille is a French dance performed by the debutantes and debutants in pairs at midnight.

Taking off your tailcoat or jacket
… is not allowed.

Although the tradition was born in France, Austria has become the home of ballroom events.

… are a no-no at classic ballroom events. Rather go for a pocket watch!