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Buffet with healthy skewers
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Cutting-edge cuisine

Events at Austria Trend Hotels feature current nutritional trends.

Austria Trend Hotels' expanded cuisine is cutting-edge. Current nutritional trends such as brain food, smoothies and vegan products are now additionally included in all its conference packages at no extra cost. Your event is therefore guaranteed to be in good taste.

At Austria Trend Hotels, you can keep a cool head at important meetings and will still feel fit and energised at the end of the day. Drinking is believed to boost energy! Our varied range of drinks includes fresh juice, along with fruit and herbal water, to provide you and your guests with the necessary energy during your event or seminar.

Variation of nuts

Energy for the body!

We all know that a seminar day can drag on, with the body and mind gradually becoming tired. To enable you to quickly recharge your batteries, we offer high-fibre brain food, such as almonds, hazelnuts and cashews.

The body needs magnesium to convert carbohydrates into energy. Fruit, vegetables, oats and dairy products are all good sources of magnesium and replenish our reserves.

Buffet with healthy skewers

Brain food makes you smart!

Increased energy thanks to proper nutrition. Meat, chicken, fish, eggs and milk are excellent sources of protein and particularly good for concentration. The preparation method is very important. We therefore use gentle, low-fat cooking processes.

Buffet with water and juice

A clear head for clear thinking!

Do you often forget to drink? This slows down our metabolism and energy and also reduces our motivation. Our herb or fruit-infused water variations provide plenty of choice for drinking sufficient fluids during the course of the day.

Buffet with vegetable sticks

Vegan cuisine creates diversity!

Vegan cuisine isn't only undergoing a sensational development in domestic kitchens, but the nutritional trend has also become standard in the catering and hotel industry. Vegan dishes are available during coffee breaks, as well as at lunch and dinner.

Fruits smoothies

Smoothies as an energy boost

Thanks to their ingredients, smoothies combine the benefits of dairy products with the advantages of various types of fruit and vegetables.

Smoothies are also rich in Vitamin B12, which considerably improves concentration, ensures a good night's sleep and lifts our mood, which is certainly needed on long seminar days. Thanks to their rich assortment of antioxidants, fresh smoothies also boost the immune system and contribute to a balanced diet. There is a smoothie or yoghurt drink available in our conference packages.

Take maximum advantage of breaks & recharge your batteries

You yearn for seminar breaks while still in the meeting room – and you know how best to spend them. Use our healthy tips to get the most out of your break-time!

  • Get some fresh air!
  • Move around to get your circulation going.
  • Recharge your batteries in the sun!
  • Treat yourself to a delicious, healthy power snack: fresh fruits, nuts or a smoothie!

Break-time exercises:

"Picking apples"
Stand on your tiptoes and alternately reach upwards to pick apples with your left and right hand. Bend down to place the apples in a basket at your feet.

Repeat eight times and casually start your next meeting! 

"Horizontal figure of eight" coordination exercise
This exercise stimulates both halves of your brain and improves concentration: use your right thumb to draw a figure of eight in an anti-clockwise direction at eye level and follow your thumb with your eyes.
Repeat the exercise with your left thumb, in a clockwise direction. 

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