Why Vienna is a musical metropolis in 2018


For many people Vienna is the capital city of music.  And that is not just because such great composers as Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Franz Schubert created musical history here, but also because of the huge variety of cultural events which are on offer today.

A glance at the event calendar of the Wiener Bühnen, the company which stages many of the theatrical productions in Vienna, shows that the Viennese capital is at the forefront in the German-speaking world and can also hold its own internationally. The productions here are partly on the same level as in New York or London, which mean audiences do not have to travel so far to see a show which they have been dreaming of. 

One important point which should be noted is that nearly all of the productions are staged in the German language, although the original songs are sometimes performed in English. The following information on the various musicals is therefore in German only  - you can however still always enjoy the music!

© RUG/Alessandro Pinna

Große Gefühle auf der Bühne

Leidenschaftliche Liebesgeschichten, berühmte Erzählungen oder packende Familiendramen – in Wien gastieren heuer jede Menge Musicals, die auf der Bühne große Gefühle erzeugen und bei den Besuchern garantiert für Gänsehaut-Momente sorgen. 

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Musicals für die Kleinen

Kinder lieben Gesang, Tanz, Schauspiel und Musik mindestens genauso, wie Erwachsene. Wer in Wien nach Musical-Spaß für die ganze Familie sucht, wird schnell fündig und stößt dabei auf Geschichten, die einen starken Eindruck hinterlassen. 

Ganz und gar kein Kinderkram

Musicals für Kinder sind oft besonders interaktiv und erzählen Geschichten, von denen auch Erwachsene noch etwas lernen können. Wir versuchen, euch die Qual der Wahl zu erleichtern und haben ein paar Highlights zusammengetragen:

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Mei Lie Tjia

At the age of five Mei Lie Tja emigrated with her parents from Shanghai to Vienna. Since then she has been both fascinated and obsessed by Vienna. Mei  loves photo safaris in the chic, bohemian districts, discovering new cafés (espresso with lots of sugar) and writing short stories about magical Vienna.  Since she has become the mother of two children, she no longer has so much time for that – has however discovered a new side of Vienna. One which also has lots of surprises in store for families.

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