Beach vibes in the heart of Vienna


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The summer in Vienna can get pretty hot. 30 degrees plus and the wind is probably on vacation (unlike the winter, where you usually can’t get away from it). In the city centre, the heat accumulates and torments everyone who lives here. In the air-conditioned hotel room it is pleasantly cool in comparison. But as soon as you walk out on the street, it feels like you are slowly but surely melting away.

The temperatures are rising noticeably from year to year and there is always the moment where no fans or similar can help you to cool down in the subway. Ice is not an alternative. It is so stressful eating it before it all melts that you feel even hotter. An everlasting vicious circle - and the cooling down effect is over in a few minutes. What is the only thing which really helps? Seek a spot near the River Danube or in one of the open-air swimming pools where you can chill comfortably and even jump into the cool water. Just lovely!

Tel Aviv Beach bei Sonnenuntergang | © Tel Aviv Beach 2010

Chill-out beaches in the heart of the city

Sand and drinks 

Stick your feet in the sand in the centre of the city and drink a margarita while doing so? Yes, that is possible, with good food and great music into the bargain.

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©Tel Aviv Beach 2010

Chill-out beaches in the middle of the city

If you want to put your feet in the sand in the evening and toast the evening with a mojito, you can do it in the middle of the city. Thanks to the Danube Canal, that's also possible with a view of the water. On balmy and hot summer nights, many are here to meet with friends and get into a holiday mood. As far as food is concerned, you can find everything your heart desires here - from Israeli cuisine in Tel Aviv Beach to “ Steckerlfisch” (grilled fish on a stick), everything can be found beside the Danube Canal.

Sonne und Strand am CopaBeach | © CopaBeach

Off into the water!

For mermaids and mermen

In a big city like Vienna, there are lots of swimming pools but only a few have cool bars and culinary delights with urban flair. We show you the most central places to jump into a pool or the Danube when it is very hot – not forgetting food and drink!

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Off into the water - where you can simply jump into the water in Vienna

Even in Vienna it sometimes has more than 30 degrees in summer and then suddenly there is no wind (in spring, autumn and winter there is always a light breeze in the city centre). Hard to bear. On such days it is not enough just to "go to the beach" – you need a proper, wet cool down. Vienna not only has numerous swimming pools to offer, but above all great locations where you can just jump into the water. It does not always have to be a pool, even if the closest thing in the city is definitely the swimming pool on the Badeschiff (moored boat with a swimming pool). The new Danube also offers a refreshing cool-down with beach flair, e.g. at the CopaBeach. And if you don’t care about swimwear, just go to the Lobau - where clothing is no longer important.

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