Coworking spaces: where can you go to work in Vienna?


PHP developers, marketing gurus, start-ups, employees of a US corporation and so on – whoever wants to get to know different people in big cities is usually in the right place in a coworking spaces. If you are in a strange city and need to work, you need a place with good internet, an electric socket, great coffee and a few insiders who can let you in on the secrets of the city. I like to be a co-worker and have tried it in Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam and quite often in Vienna. Because even though I have an office, I'm sometimes drawn to the coworking spaces where you can which smell of fresh ideas and good coffee. It does not matter if you live in Vienna, if you are a temporary expat or on vacation here: it feels good to have a comfortable, flexible working environment and to exchange ideas. Coworking spaces are however not just all about work – you can also often play table tennis or table football and sometimes there are events on exciting topics. Inhale the vibes!

What can you expect in a coworking space?

Whether you want to book a place in a shared office for a few hours, a day, a week, or a whole month, each coworking space offers a variety of options. What is especially nice about coworking life? The flexibility. Depending on your mood, you can just sit down somewhere and test all the seats and their effect on your own productivity. People often eat together, so you can make new contacts in an off-work setting (for example, the Pasta.Tuesday is famous in the Stockwerk Coworking) and there are numerous events to attend where you can get to know new people from either your own or other branches. The coworking spaces in Vienna offer far more than just an open-plan workplace - here you will find friends, sports partners, cooking communities, holiday communities and much more.

Chic & sophisticated

Elegant coworking in the heart of Vienna

It does not matter if you are in Vienna for a few days looking for a job or if you want to stay in a coworking space for a longer time. You like it clean and chic? Then these are the right places for you.



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But which coworking space is the best in Vienna?

A good question! Which I definitely cannot answer. I've been to a lot of coworking spaces in Vienna and each is something special in its own right. From modern-chic, trendy to hipster, everything is on offer. You can only try out for yourself which coworking space is the right one for you. Do you prefer a sterile and clean environment in the shared office or do you want to feel like in your own living room? Can you work well in a quiet office or do you need to talk a lot? Do you want to work undisturbed until midnight or can there be events in between?

There are a few questions to be answered before making the decision to book a coworking space. In my experience, you look at the decor and know if you have already found your style of people. "Birds of a feather flock together", as the old proverb goes.  Because the furnishings often reflect the mindset of the coworkers. Those who prefer fancy clean will be happy in Treibhaus 1010, for me the vintage-new style mix in Stockwerk is the perfect working environment. Each to his own;)

Start Up & Techies

Hip working spaces in Vienna

You prefer to be unconventional, like a mix of different people and enjoy taking part in events or workshops?  Then you will certainly find the right coworking space here.

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