Drinking in style in Vienna


Even though summer has come to an end, it doesn't mean goodbye to that vacation feeling. Vienna, the metropolis on the Danube, offers its guests numerous rooftop bars and craft beer places that make us dream of foreign destinations. While the pop-up bars from the summer peak are closing again, in autumn we can enjoy great locations with a magnificent view of Vienna or a tasty trip around the world at the gin bars of the city.  

Vienna from above

"The dragonfly has landed”. Last year the viewing platform MQ Libelle with its own café opened on the roof of the Leopold Museum and has been attracting visitors with free admission and space for culture. What the Viennese coffeehouses and salons were 100 years ago - an exchange between art lovers - the MQ Libelle is intended to be a "modern salon under the open sky”.

Rooftop bar in Vienna

Viennese rooftop bars

Probably the most beautiful view over Vienna

In addition to MQ Libelle, there are beautiful terraces on many a public building or Viennese department store with the possibility of small snacks up to dinner or bar feeling for cocktails & drinks.

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Around the world and back

The gin and tonic selection in Vienna will astonish you. The thousands of variations have only one drawback: Not even as a regular visitor to Vienna you will be able to try them all. 

Bar counter with gin selection

Gin Bars

A trip around the world for your taste buds

You just have to love gin and tonic - with so many different flavors, there's something for everyone. Fresh, spicy, citrus or herbal, the combinations are endless. Vienna has also discovered gin for itself and the corresponding bars do not disappoint.

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Did someone say beer? 

Vienna was already a stronghold for brewers in the Middle Ages. Today there is only one large brewery, but the craft beer trend has arrived and with it small breweries and craft beer bars. To the delight of the Viennese and visitors to Vienna, many of them also have a little garden! 

Craft Beer Bar

Craft Beer in Vienna

Beer as far as the eye can see

You don't have to look far for special beers in Vienna. Again and again you stumble across one or the other craft beer bar. In addition to more classic flavors, you can try  unusual varieties - how about a pine, apricot or chocolate beer?

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Birgit Pototschnig

A few years ago Birgit returned to her beloved Vienna following 13 years in the international fashion and lifestyle branch. Her great fascination for the city, as well as her professional fashion years abroad, motivated Birgit to write her lifestyle blog www.viennissimalifestlye.com with a focus on Vienna and the beautiful things in life. Always with a “touch of fashion”.

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