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Who hasn’t already experienced that? You have just arrived in a new city and the thing you are missing most is time! No matter whether you have planned the trip down to the very last detail in advance and are totally prepared to go our exploring, or whether you just want to sit back and enjoy the new impressions. For fear of missing out on one of the special sights, you often neglect the highlight of every trip – the local food. 

Thankfully Vienna does not only have great gourmet restaurants, but is a colourful treasure trove of cafés and snack bars, where you can of course also buy all of the delights on offer to take away. It has always been a melting point of different cultures, which is naturally also reflected in the local cuisine: from falafel to sausage stands, everything is possible!


After breakfast is before lunch, or something like that

Top motivated on your feet since dawn, but your stomach is already starting to grumble around 11 o’clock? Or did you savour the Viennese nightlife a little too long the night before and didn’t get up until late? Then it's time for a snack and there is nowhere better to enjoy it is than in the trendy districts of Neubau and Mariahilf. Sometimes it's better to walk through the streets to find the real treasures. And surrounded by lots of young people, great young designer shops and classic sightseeing places, the small snacks in between are guaranteed to taste better.  

Coffee to go & Co

The perfect refreshment after a shopping tour on the Mariahilfer Strasse

You will definitely need some refreshment after a shopping tour on Vienna’s most famous shopping street. But even if it is just a snack in between, it should still be something special. There are numerous small shops and pop-up stores in the area which exactly fit the bill. 

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With the Giant Ferris Wheel to the sausage stand

The Prater is certainly also on your sightseeing list with its beautiful Giant Ferris Wheel which you can see on almost every postcard. Here you can find EVERYTHING that your heart desires: everything is in abundance, from pink candy floss, roasted almonds to gingerbread hearts for your loved ones. However a special recommendation is a Especially recommended is a visit to a classic Viennese sausage stand. But perhaps it is best to enjoy the sausages AFTER the ride on the Ferris Wheel!

Quick and good in the 2nd district

Culinary delights in spite of little time

You don’t always have to be  in the heart of the city to enjoy typically Viennese specialities. In the 2nd district, around the Prater and the Karmelitermarkt, there are lots of quick snack possibilities which are just right if time is short.


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Tradition becomes trend

There is almost nothing that is as sacred to an Austrian as his cakes and pastries. From the famous Viennese Sachertorte to the legendary apple strudel, there is nothing more you could wish for. It's best to try these delicacies in the afternoon during a pit stop with strong coffee. Many young and individual bars, cafes and restaurants are situated between Naschmarkt and Karlskirche. These insider tips from the locals often reinterpret the classics or are so-called pop-up shops. No matter whether you are a fan of traditional pastries or the hip gluten-free cake pop wave, the Viennese art of baking will not disappoint you!

Apple strudel, melange and pop-up stores

A mix of both traditional and trendy

It doesn’t always have to be a traditional café to get to know the Viennese café culture. You can also enjoy the Viennese way of life in one of the trendy cafés.

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So as not to be too embarrassed when you are ordering, here are a few helpful tips:

Here are a few of the “coffee basics”:

  • Schlagobers = Sahne = whipped cream
  • Kleiner Brauner (small) = mocha in a small cup
  • Großer Brauner (large) = double mocha
  • Melange = mocha with more water and warm milk
  • Kaffee verkehrt = Mocha with a lot of milk
  • Verlängerter = mocha in a large cup infused with hot water and a dash of cream
  • Einspänner = double mocha with whipped cream
  • Fiaker = Black coffee, “gespritzt” with kirsch or rum plus cherry

Found something you like? What do you like to eat on a long day of sightseeing?

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Mei Lie Tjia

At the age of five Mei Lie Tja emigrated with her parents from Shanghai to Vienna. Since then she has been both fascinated and obsessed by Vienna. Mei  loves photo safaris in the chic, bohemian districts, discovering new cafés (espresso with lots of sugar) and writing short stories about magical Vienna.  Since she has become the mother of two children, she no longer has so much time for that – has however discovered a new side of Vienna. One which also has lots of surprises in store for families.

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