Gay Vienna – where to go to eat cake and sip drinks?



The lesbian and gay Vienna is not apparent to visitors at first sight. Apart from the charming homosexual and heterosexual traffic light couples, who hand in hand regulate the stop-and-go on many of the traffic lights on the inner city zebra crossings. Vienna has no "gay quarter" like San Francisco and no "gay street" like Rio de Janeiro, where bars, cafés and shops are lined up and rainbow flags flutter over the entrances. Bars and meeting places are scattered all over Vienna. And that is a good thing, because homosexual life is a normal part of urban life in Vienna, which cannot be limited to one part of the city. In this case, of course, you should know where to meet like-minded people. And you will learn that here!

When I am abroad, I like to start my exploration of the local scene in a bar. In a friendly dive you do not usually stay alone at the bar for long, but instead soon move with a big party of new acquaintances to wherever the best party is taking place that evening. The chances are good that this will happen to you in Vienna. The inclined Viennese are usually quite open-minded in nightclubs and put away the sometimes grim masks, which they usually wear in the underground during the day.

Queer cafés and bars

What your heart desires

A hand-picked selection of the best places in Vienna to drink schnapps and eat cake with other gay, lesbian or transgender people.  From the trashy bar to a queer bookstore to the sweetest tart-coffeehouse - you can also enjoy these locations during the day.


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Further tips for going clubbing, insider events, art and culture to follow soon. Keep with us ;)

Until then, which are your favourite cafés and bars in Vienna?

hotels: Hotel Ananas, Hotel Rathauspark, Hotel Anatol


Yogi Hagen

Yogi Hagen is an insatiable world traveller and a passionate cosmopolitan who feels at home in many places on this planet. For example, on one of her longer trips she took photos of travesty artists in Thailand. The journalist and photographer has been living in Vienna for several years, where she is also a fixed part of the queer community. She knows Vienna in all its facets and definitely knows which party you should not miss and where you can enjoy the best after-work drink.

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