Mozart is everywhere


There is no getting around the fact that Salzburg is the real Mozart city. After all, he was born there in the famous Getreidegasse - the son of Anna Maria Pertl from St. Gilgen and the Augsburg court composer Leopold Mozart. But Salzburg was only a "base camp", mostly the triumvirate Leopold, Wolferl and sister Nannerl traveled through Europe to "promote" the child prodigy on concert tours. From 1763 to 1766 they were constantly on the road - no piece of cake in the carriages and on the roads of the time.

After the travels of his childhood, Mozart remained in Salzburg for some time as court organist - but his relationship with the archbishop was strained, and Wolfgang moved to Vienna as a freelance composer. Between Vienna and Salzburg you can still find many references to "Mozart on the road" - some stations can now be read (or travelled) here. This however more comfortably than at that time.

Where it all began: In Salzburg  

If you say Salzburg, you have to say Mozart. And anyone who strolls through the Getreidegasse cannot avoid the crowds of people and Mozart fans from all over the world. At any time of the year.

Kapitelplatz overlooking the Hohensalzburg Fortress | Salzburg  | © Salzburg Tourismus | Bryan Reinhart

The hometown

Salzburg - The Mozart city par excellence.

In Salzburg, Mozart is always present everywhere and at all times. At every turn, one encounters his legacy here in the form of concerts, festivals, city tours or in the coffee house and while enjoying the inevitable Mozartkugeln and their sweet variations.

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©Salzburg Tourismus | Bryan Reinhart

Off to Vienna, ladies and gentlemen!

After an unsteady life as a child prodigy and court musician, Wolfgang Amadé moved to Vienna, where he is said to have lived in a total of 14 apartments (one after the other). But it was only here that he was able to free himself from the paternalism of the Archbishop of Salzburg, to break away from his caterer, mentor and manager Leopold and to further his career himself.

Hofburg Palace with statue | Vienna

The career city

Vienna – career and family  

He wanted to compose operas here and finally put an end to his constant traveling. Until his arrival in Vienna, Mozart had spent almost nine years on the road.

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Mozart's traces on the road

250 years ago you couldn't just stay in hostels, hotels or guesthouses between Vienna and Salzburg if you were tired after a day in the carriage on the bumpy roads - there were monasteries and convents where you could stay.


Abbey symphonies, cafes and sweets

Mozart is everywhere. 

Mozart can still be encountered today in many places in Austria if you keep your eyes and ears open. Of particular interest: his stays with Father Leopold at Lambach Abbey, a Benedictine monastery in Upper Austria.

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