Oases of peace around the Ring


There is something new to be discovered everywhere: Art Nouveau houses, statues of Mozart, Beethoven and Co, street art, some of Empress Sisi’s favourite places …. The list is long. If your feet slowly need to have a rest and you are desperately in need of a break, then it isn’t far to the next pleasant spot.

A quiet spot please!

Lie back and relax

After all your hard work – sightseeing and co – it really is time to find a quiet place to relax. Why not grab a book and make yourself comfortable?



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"Gemütlichkeit" or how to enjoy life

Cabaret performers, singers and writers all talk about “Gemütlichkeit” – the German word for a congenial, comfortable and relaxing way of life. Therefore it is not surprising that Vienna's city centre has many beautiful oases of peace. Just a walk around the Ring can be relaxing. A small aside: an alley of 2,000 trees lines the Ring and make it the green lung of the city centre. If you are tired of walking, just sit in one of the two pavilions in the City Park.

The Danube Canal has an impressive modern and urban ambience. In summer there are many pop-up venues and Danube Canal branches of well-established restaurants along the canal. Here you will surely find a bench - just enjoy and relax for the next day in Vienna.

Find your favourite place in the park

From park bench to tree trunk

Green areas and parks are the ideal places to get to know the quiet side of Vienna’s inner city. Whether on a picnic blanket or a shady bench, you can really relax in Vienna’s parks.

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Sightseeing with a difference

Emperor Franz I was a trained gardener and his personal interest in the designing of the Volks- and Burggarten cannot be overlooked. In addition to the tastefully laid out gardens and the many statues, there is a further highlight: the Lipizzan horses from the Spanish Riding School are ridden for three hours a day in the Burggarten! That is a contradiction if you think you can’t experience anything exciting and relax at the same time!

Reserve your bench and breathe in history

Places to go in Vienna's inner city

You don’t always have to dash from one place to the next.  There is so much history in Vienna that there is always time for a history lesson on a bench.

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The magnificent boulevard is definitely not just an open-air museum, but also a recreational area. Relics of the golden era of the coffee houses or the newer cafés invite you to linger. There is certainly time for a visit to a Schanigarten  - Vienna’s pavement cafés -  in the sunshine. Especially since they just sprout out of the ground from 1 May 1 onwards! :)

Which was your favourite spot along the Ring for relaxation?  Tell us in the comments!

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Born in Simmering in Vienna and a passionate young driver of Vienna’s horse-drawn carriages, he has a weakness for literature and stories from the backyard. He loves to show the city to strangers and to tell them stories that not everyone knows.  Ronni knows that Vienna is really a village. And he likes that at least as much as his job.

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