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Vienna is considered to be one of the most liveable cities in the world, and that has certainly something to do with the large number of green areas, parks and gardens in the city. The recreational areas such as the Prater or the Vienna Woods are something of a Viennese institution, and throughout the city there are as many as 280 imperial gardens and parks for hiking and promenading.

But sometimes you just want to get out of the city and get some fresh air. Or "drive out" to a wine tavern. Or go on a boat trip. Or walk up a mountain to enjoy looking down. Time for one of the marked city hikes or a little pedalling? There are more than enough tips for excursions in the city of Vienna.

“Let’s drive out to drink some wine!”

In Vienna it has always been a tradition to “drive out” to a “Heuriger” or wine tavern. There are some in the inner city but, between you and me, they are not really authentic. For a real “Heuriger” experience you should take a tram or a bus and travel to one of the former wine-growing villages on the outskirts of the city like Grinzing, Sievering, Dornbach, Neustift or Stammersdorf. And anyone who takes going to a “Heuriger” seriously will wait for the very last tram before returning “into” the city.

„Ausg´steckt is!“ or “The “Heuriger” is open!”

If people go to a “Heuriger” or wine tavern in Vienna, then it is not simply just to drink wine. They expect the typical Viennese convivial atmosphere, dim lighting, a hearty down-to-earth “Heuriger” buffet, a “G’spritzer” (white wine with sparkling water) and some lemonade. By the way, in a traditional Viennese wine tavern you fetch the food yourself from the buffet. And a real “Heuriger” always has a bushy bunch of fir twigs hanging above the door – that is the sign that it is open or “ausgesteckt” (which literally means the twigs are “stuck out”!).

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Everything grows so green around Vienna 

If you take the time to plan a hiking day in Vienna, you will be surprised: you soon have the feeling that you are not in a big city at all, but almost "in the country". This is partly due to the Viennese "mountains", the Prater, the parks and the recreational areas around the New and Old Danube. The Viennese have a "jungle" in their Lobau and the nearby Vienna Woods have always been the oasis and green lung of the city.

Excursions into the green countryside surrouding Vienna

These excursion suggestions are so diverse that they will certainly fill all of your free days. Long bathing days, prolonged walks and wonderfully fresh forest air are all reasons to drive out to the green countryside around Vienna.

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Being active in and around Vienna 

A boat ride, a cycling tour or relaxing in warm thermal waters – there are plenty of varied activities in and around Vienna if you have had enough of culture in the city. Or you would like a little bit of morbid charm? Then Vienna’s Central Cemetery is a great place for an excursion: that may sound funny but it’s not!

Activities for the whole family around Vienna

At some point you will have had enough culture and want to get out of the city - experience something completely different for a change. Nothing is easier than that: the nearby Wachau (the most picturesque stretch of the Danube Valley), the Danube Island with its cycle paths and the huge, modern thermal baths in Oberlaa are easily accessible destinations for a day trip. And if you want to look deeply into the Viennese soul, then visit the Central Cemetery. 

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Angelika Mandler-Saul

Angelika Mandler-Saul, who grew up in the Weinviertel region in Lower Austria, is a travel blogger and freelance author. Since 2013 she has been writing about her experiences and impressions while travelling throughout the world on www.wiederunterwegs.com. Her focus: nature and culture. She is regularly accompanied by her sooty black labrador Coffee, who is also good for many stories.
Angelika is particularly fond of travelling in her native country Austria, bringing her love of Austrian history and literature, travelling and writing under one roof. Travelling with culture: that sums it up precisely.

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