Relaxation in Vienna: spa and wellness, here we come!


In the past, it was known as well-being, welfare and recuperation. Today, there is a huge array of wonderful lifestyle words which all mean one thing - relaxation opportunities for those of us who struggle on a daily basis to maintain work-life balance in the rat race. List management, meetings, shift work, family, organisation of free time, planning holidays and then still finding time for yourself? 

Many people find precious little time for their own mental and physical relaxation amidst all this and it often ends up being neglected. If you live in Vienna (or are on a vacation here), opportunities for occasional brief relaxation are relatively easy to come by. Tried-and-trusted sauna, whirlpool, Thai spa or salt spring? Seek and you shall find.

Water and salt: the necessities of life ...

‘Wellness’, that is well-being - clear so far, and the word is permanently on everyone’s lips. But ‘spa’? Many people like to talk about spas, particularly in the hotel industry or when it comes to luxury holidays, but are you as well-versed in what this word actually means? ‘Sanus per Aquam’ - that is the answer; that is: ‘Health from water’. 

Wellness decorations

From wellness and spa, water and salt

Splashing around, bubbles and a feeling of luxury

The body needs salt to survive. And water, of course. Both of these things together, however, don’t just make us healthy, but - when administered correctly - happy, too. Perhaps.

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Thermal baths and spas in and around Vienna

Bathhouses, Danube lidos, Strombad (river baths), Tröpferlbad (public shower baths) - in Vienna there have been all sorts of bathing areas, both indoors and outdoors, since the Middle Ages. The lidos on the Danube in particular have contributed significantly to this bathing culture. And the idea of using hot water to promote personal well-being and to have a chat goes back to the Roman times. 

At the traditional Oberlaa sulphur springs, on the other hand, a spa facility for guests and those taking a cure has been operating since 1969; whereas the magnificent historic baths with glass domes such as Jörgerbad and Amalienbad are testimony to the Art Nouveau style of spa architecture and are therefore uniquely beautiful bathing locations with sauna facilities.

Indoor area with thermal pool at the Römertherme Baden in Lower Austria | © Badener KurbetriebsgesmbH

Bathe, bathe, bathe

Cold, warm, warmer - hot!

Bathing for personal hygiene reasons as was the case at one time in the extolled ‘Tröpferlbad’ (public shower baths), for sports strengthening or for well-being? The role of spas and thermal baths has changed. From a necessary evil to a little luxury from time to time ...

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©Badener KurbetriebsgesmbH

Relax and ‘lie low’

Well-being, unwinding and switching off from the stresses of everyday life; relaxation means something different to everyone. For me personally, water, warmth and a book are always involved. And peace and quiet, if not, indeed, silence. 

Woman overlooking the quiet forest

Finding peace

Where you voluntarily go into hiding

“You take it easy now,” is something your best friend says a lot. Yes, she’s right - but oh, to be able to... Here are a few tips for places to go which will perhaps make it a little easier for you to switch off.

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hotels: Hotel Bosei, Hotel Maximilian, Hotel Beim Theresianum


Angelika Mandler-Saul

Angelika Mandler-Saul, who grew up in the Weinviertel region in Lower Austria, is a travel blogger and freelance author. Since 2013 she has been writing about her experiences and impressions while travelling throughout the world on Her focus: nature and culture. She is regularly accompanied by her sooty black labrador Coffee, who is also good for many stories.
Angelika is particularly fond of travelling in her native country Austria, bringing her love of Austrian history and literature, travelling and writing under one roof. Travelling with culture: that sums it up precisely.

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