The museum landscape in Linz: Diverse. Unique. Unusual.



"Linz inspires" is quite rightly the motto of the Upper Austrian capital. Anyone who thinks that the "steel city" is still a gray mouse on the brown Danube is sorely mistaken. In terms of art, culture and design as well as culinary delights, the city has long since caught up in recent decades and today presents itself as a city location worth seeing with a touch of exciting industrial culture, Danube feeling and modern approaches à la Mural Harbour.

The museum landscape in Linz is particularly diverse and, above all, wide-ranging: From avant-garde in the Lentos Museum to future technologies in the Ars Electronica Center to the Tabak Museum as a cool location, the Castle Museum and the Stifterhaus. There's far more variety in the museums here than would fit into a single city weekend.

Linz and its museum crowd-pullers     

When coming to Linz for the very first time, a visit to the Ars Electronica Center and Lentos as well as the Castle Museum - all photogenically located next to the Danube - are naturally at the top of the To Do List. Then, if you still have time, browse the Nordico City Museum for exciting and fun information about Linz. But beware: you should set aside plenty of time for all these museum experiences, because everywhere you go you'll find something to "get stuck on", I promise! And if you want to spend an entire day at the Ars Electronica Center with your kids, and perhaps add a coffee in the restaurant with the brilliant view, you're not far off the mark either.

Little version of Linz at the Castle Museum | © © Angelika Mandler-Saul

Linz museums that you must see

All time favourites  

These four museums should definitely be visited at least once. What makes them even more interesting: the imposing buildings in which they are located! From a hypermodern building on the Danube to a historic castle or in the middle of the main square.

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Special, unusual and particular

Although Linz has shed its image as a steel city a long time ago, it cannot and will not deny its history: That's why today you can take a tour through voestalpine - even the darker sides of the past have been incorporated here. Even more special, however, are the dental museum and the former tobacco factory, an industrial monument that has easily made the leap into modern times.

Stahlwelt in Linz at dusk

Learn, marvel and reflect

Tackle one’s history

You won’t find any ravages of time in Linz's museums; on the contrary! Here, the museums are also taking on the task of coming to terms with their own history.

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Art and culture in Linz

Linz has been an official "UNESCO City of Media Arts" since 2014. Culture has gained importance in more and more areas of life here. Galleries and off-spaces spice up the art scene, the world's largest Kubin collection can be found in Linz, and with Linz's own Kulturcard-365, you hold a card for a whole year of cultural enjoyment in your hands.

Main square Linz | © © Angelika Mandler-Saul

"Linz changes" - art once and now

From Adalbert Stifter to Street Art

Nostalgic, modern, chilling, creative, literary-historical: art, literature, graphics. Linz offers insights from Adalbert Stifter to Alfred Kubin to street art.

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