We look forward to welcoming you.

According to the Austrian Ministry of Health, guests have free access without a required covid certificate.

Which of our hotels are currently open?

The following hotels are open:

  • Austria Trend Hotel Ananas, Wien
  • Austria Trend Hotel Anatol, Wien
  • Austria Trend Hotel Astoria, Wien
  • Austria Trend Hotel Beim Theresianum, Wien 
  • Austria Trend Hotel Bosei, Wien
  • Austria Trend Hotel Congress Innsbruck
  • Austria Trend Hotel Doppio, Wien 
  • Austria Trend Hotel Europa Graz 
  • Austria Trend Hotel Europa Salzburg 
  • Austria Trend Hotel Europa Wien
  • Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana
  • Austria Trend Hotel Maximilian, Wien
  • Austria Trend Hotel Salzburg Mitte 
  • Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna 
  • Austria Trend Hotel Schloss Wilhelminenberg, Wien 
  • Austria Trend Parkhotel Schönbrunn, Wien 
  • Austria Trend Schloss Schönbrunn Grand Suite, Wien
  • Hotel Rathauspark Wien, a member of Radisson Individuals
  • Hotel Schillerpark Linz, a member of Radisson Individuals 
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Altstadt, Salzburg
  • Radisson Blu Park Royal Palace Hotel, Vienna 

5+5: Our hygiene and protective measures

So that you can fully enjoy your stay, we have put together five general rules of conduct and five special protection and hygiene measures for you.

The Austria Trend Hotels are subject to a 3-stage audit & inspection procedure:

  • Stage 1: Regular monitoring of compliance with our 5+5 hygiene & protective measures by hotel management 
  • Stage 2: Regular audits to check the implementation of our Covid19 measures by Corporate Governance of Verkehrsbüro Group AG = independent, uninfluenceable internal department in Austria's no. 1 tourism group 
  • Stage 3: Regular surface sampling by independent laboratory (Eurofins) 

5 general rules of conduct

Common rules for us all.

Entry regulations

Use of FFP2 Masks

  • In all public hotel areas wearing a FFP2 mask is recommended.
  • All our staff members in guest contact are equipped with face masks, covering their nose and mouth. Our team complies to applicable law and current regulations

Visusal contact instead of handshakes

  • Our staff will be happy to help you with any questions you may have via visual contact, whilst keeping a physical distance.
  • We kindly request that our guests also refrain from shaking hands when greeting other people. 

Reception desk infopoint & contactless payments

  • We enable a largely contactless check-in and check-out process. 
  • All surfaces and devices, as well as key cards and room keys, are thoroughly disinfected after each use. 
  • Please pay for any bills at the hotel using a contactless credit card. 
  • Our reception staff are trained in all measures currently in place and are your primary point of contact if you find yourself feeling sick or unwell.

Hand hygiene & disinfection facilities

  • We have increased the number of disinfection stations in our hotels, and staff have also been equipped with means to disinfect their hands/surfaces.
  • You will find hand sanitizing units at all major points of contact in the hotel, such as in the lobby, at the entrance of the restaurant, bar and café, as well in the area in front of the lift.
  • Public toilets in the hotel are cleaned and disinfected at highly increased intervals in accordance with strict hygiene standards. You will always have the opportunity to wash your hands there.

5 specific hygiene and protective measures

So you are always feeling safe!

Comprehensive hygiene and cleaning concept 

  • Our already high cleaning standards have been revised in recent weeks with external partners and internal experts and supplemented by additional disinfection measures and strict rules of conduct. 
  • Cleaning products and disinfecting agents are matched with one another in terms of their effectiveness, and, of course, based on their effectiveness to fight viruses. 
  • We ensure that surfaces and frequently touched objects are disinfected at regular, frequent intervals in all areas of our hotel.

Feel safe 

… in our conference areas

  • We strictly observe statutory regulations, and our sales staff are there for you as competent contact persons for any questions you may have concerning your booking and the extensive range of options we have on offer.
  • We provide facilities for disinfecting hands & surfaces. 
  • During the breaks, the rooms are ventilated in the best possible way. 
  • We have drawn up solutions with our F&B experts for a pleasant catering experience. Coffee & lunch breaks are served or offered at attended buffets with supervised disinfection stations

… in the fitness, wellness and spa area

  • Areas are regularly ventilated, cleaned and disinfected, with particular attention given to critically “high-touch” areas. 
  • Furthermore, we ensure compliance with the Regulation on Swimming Pool Hygiene, which is overseen by a supervisor. 


Feel safe...

… in your hotel room 
Our cleaning personnel

  • change their disposable gloves and cleaning cloths after cleaning each room, and 
  • thoroughly disinfect rooms as a final step. 


Intensive training and courses for our staff

  • Together with our cleaning associates and external experts, we have prepared our staff for new processes and measures in all areas.
  • Targeted training measures for our housekeepers and housekeeping teams were also supported by our external partners and are constantly being updated. 
  • In online training sessions, training content and measures are further updated and practiced. 

Staff planning & monitoring 

  • We make sure to assign our staff to separate shifts. This enables us to rapidly trace infection chains in the event of unexpected cases of illness. 
  • All safety and protective measures are the responsibility of the hotel management and are checked several times a day. 
  • We have commissioned the Austrian subsidiary of Eurofins Scientific to review the protection and hygiene concept and to carry out extensive audits and samplings at all our hotels. 


The "Trusted Cleanliness" badge

Is awarded by the world's leading guest feedback platform TrustYou.
The Austria Trend Hotels positively prove how they implement the strict hygiene standards in connection with COVID-19. The evaluation is based on a questionnaire with over 50 questions, which focus on three main categories:

  • Staff
  • Sanitary measures
  • Facilities & Services

More information:

The Eurofins Hygiene Certificate

Eurofins is one of the leading laboratory service providers, testing and inspection bodies in Austria.
Regular independent, uninfluenced sampling ensures that the strict Austrian hygiene standards are checked and guaranteed.

You can find the official hygiene certificate here.

Safe hospitality

The Safe Hospitality Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Tourism and Regions has awarded Austria Trend Hotels this distinction. Based on the following tested criteria, among others:

  • Regular participation of employees with guest contact in Covid-19 tests
  • Information for employees on prevention and hygiene measures
  • Raising awareness among employees about compliance with the minimum distance rules
  • Regular disinfection of surfaces and ventilation of all areas & rooms
  • Recommendation for the use of the "Stopp-Corona" app for guests and employees

More information:

Hygiene & Protection

So that you can fully enjoy your stay, we have put together general rules of conduct and special protection and hygiene measures for you.

More details!