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The Viennese Heuriger, which refers to a tavern serving new wine, is an institution. Whether you’re visiting the stylish Heurige in Neustift, Sievering, Nussdorf or Grinzing, or the more rustic ones in Ottakring and Hernals. Perhaps you’re combining the enjoyment of wine with a stroll through the wine cellar lane in Stammersdorf and stopping off for something to eat at the wine cellar. Or maybe you’re making the short trip from Strebersdorf to the Danube and taking in the view towards the Kahlenberg vineyards. Of course, you can also take the tram to Mauer and enjoy a glass of wine.

In the Vienna municipal area, vines are cultivated over a total of 700 hectares and we are therefore the only metropolis in the world which produces significant quantities of wine within the city’s boundaries. The largest proportion of this is white wine, making up 80% of the wine produced. Those who want to take a break from sightseeing and escape the hustle and bustle of the city can try one of the wine hiking trails and round off the day with a hearty snack with wine at a Heuriger.

Feasting at the Heuriger

At most Heurige, wine is served at the table, however you have to queue up at the Heuriger buffet for food. Next, you stand at the Budel (counter) and taste things, ask questions and order. Then you take your booty back to the table yourself on a tray and that’s when you can begin: Prost Mahlzeit! (Cheers, enjoy your meal!) Some Heurige have menus and the specialities are served restaurant-style. You can opt to do this if you like, but it’s rather uncommon in the authentic Viennese Heurige.

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Sampling the food is the order of the day

What you absolutely must try

Food you have to taste and sample at the Heuriger so that your pleasant evening lives long in the memory. After all, you don’t want to miss anything.

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Something good in your glass:  The wine.

The most important thing at Heurige is always what you have in your glass. It can be a straightforward drinkable house wine or an award-winning bottled wine, fresh apple juice and grape juice or a sweet-and-sour Sturm (partially-fermented new wine) in the autumn. But is has to be local.

White wine glass in the sunshine at Wieninger winery on the Nußberg | © Österreich Werbung / Nina Baumgartner (thecreatingclick.com)

What you have to drink

Spritzers, nightcaps and Grüner Veltliner

Wine in Vienna: you order wine by the eighth of a litre to taste it, by the quarter of a litre to mix with sparkling water, or preferably all at once for everyone at the table: a litre by the carafe or a bottle. You should also order soda in the beautiful old-fashioned siphon bottle, or mineral water. Only the wines sold by the glass or carafe should be mixed with water to make spritzers - for a refreshing drink - and never the bottled wines.

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Where to go: Heuriger tips

Choosing a Heuriger in Vienna is really difficult. A vineyard with a view, a historic vault or a vine-covered inner courtyard? Everyone from Vienna has their favourite Heuriger and a secret tip that they are reluctant to disclose. Therefore, here is just a small, subjective selection. By the way: where there is live music, there are also likely to be lots of tourists (coaches). 

Viennese vineyards with a view of the Danube and the city | © Österreich Werbung / Nina Baumgartner (thecreatingclick.com)

From Stammersdorf to Mauer and from Nussdorf via Grinzing to Ottakring

Heuriger feeling in the city

The best views towards Vienna are from the Cobenzl, the Nussberg and the Kahlenberg. In Stammersdorf and Strebersdorf, you are sitting almost directly on the Bisamberg and in Mauer in the 23rd district, wine paradise is literally on the Heuriger’s doorstep too. Long-established and well-frequented Heurige can be found in Sievering, Grinzing and Nussdorf. And in Ottakring, you sit and drink in the city whilst at the same time virtually being in the countryside.

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