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I'm studying the menu in search of a vegan dish but cannot find anything. You can easily find a starter, main course and dessert without meat in Austrian restaurants. However, it is difficult to find a dish that has also been made without dairy products, butter or honey. Unfortunately you often end up with only a salad, although there are many dishes on the menu that could be made vegan.

Avoiding animal foods is not easy, even in your own home. When you are travelling in a foreign city it can often be even harder to find something to eat that suits your diet. Luckily, the vegan diet has become a trend and so the number of restaurants with a vegan menu is steadily increasing. Even if you haven’t got much time, in Vienna there are many snack bars or self-service restaurants with good vegan cuisine.

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Vegan on the go

When time is short

On the way to the next tourist attraction, a break while shopping or between meetings - sometimes it just has to be quick. Vegan food on the go!

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I do not eat vegan food full-time myself, but regularly have vegan months when I only eat food without animal products. In these months I am always on the look-out for vegan restaurants that are also suitable for non-vegans. Good vegan cuisine is characterised by the fact that it is tasty. Another important aspect is that mainly organically grown products are used. Therefore the lunch or dinner with vegan dishes is also a real experience for non-vegans. I'm also a fan of casual places. Places where you can sit a bit more comfortably, relax and also discover things that you did not know before. Such as the many superfoods at Dancing Shiva or Godiva’s delicious teas.

Vegane Speisen in gemütlicher Atmoshäre | © pixabay

Vegan for Bohos

Pure relaxation

Relaxing music, pleasant surroundings, a place to relax or simply vegan food with that little bit extra. Here there is much more than just vegan cuisine – from superfood to teas and organically grown vegetables.

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Sometimes I have to invite a business partner to dinner. Vienna also offers great places with a certain business touch, in which you do not have to worry about the ingredients. My tips: just make a reservation in Tian Bistro, Restaurant Lebenbauer or Wrenkh.

Elegant und vegan zu Mittag essen | © pixabay

Vegan Business Lunch

Elegant & vegan

Looking for somewhere elegant for a business lunch with colleagues or business partners?  A working dinner can also be a culinary delight.

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As you can see, as far as vegan cuisine is concerned, there is really something for everybody in Vienna. My recommendation: even if you have never eaten vegan food, definitely give it a try! You will be surprised how varied and tasty the dishes are.

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