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Austria's cities are true paradises for runners. Take for example Vienna: here you can jog endlessly along the Danube Canal and the Danube, following the course of the water in wonderfully peaceful surroundings.  In the Prater you can fill up your lungs with fresh air with every step – and that right in the middle of the city.

Anyone who prefers to run with other people will find a large selection of running events in Austria. From the major Vienna City Marathon event to smaller runs in Innsbruck or Kitzbühel, for example. Amongst other things athletes jog for a good cause, women's power, love or in the mud. One thing is for sure: there is the right run for everyone. We'll tell you here where, how and when you have to tie your sports shoes. 

Major running events in Vienna

Your pulse rises, your friends cheer you on from the roadside to give you the essential adrenaline kick and the crowd carries you to the finish. We are talking about the major running events that take place every year in Vienna. Take a look here at the Vienna City Marathon, the Women's Run, Business Run and co.
The Vienna City Marathon is the largest running event in Austria. But just as exciting are the other big runs which take place in Vienna throughout the year, for example the Vienna Night Run or the Wings for Life Run. Here you can find details of the major running events in Vienna. 

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The major players

Running as a major event, in the flow of the masses

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Vienna's Charity Runs

Doing some sport, sweating, soaking up the atmosphere and running to raise for money for a good cause. Vienna hosts numerous running events where the athletes are - above all – interested in doing something good for charity.
If you want to do something meaningful when jogging and help people, then you're spoilt for choice: you can take part in the heart run in the Danube Park. You can run to support the St. Anna Children's Cancer Research project or join athletes all over the world in the Wings for Life Run.

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Running events in Vienna with charity in mind

Running together for a good cause

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Run for fun!

While overambitious people worry about every single second that gets them to their goal faster, better and more efficiently, many simply love to run "just for fun". That's what sport is all about - fun! Here is an overview of the right running events.

Running events in Vienna which are fun

When time and speed are not the most important things.

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Running events in the whole of Austria

If you want to run in Austria, the country literally lies at your feet. The umpteen running events take place throughout the whole year, in all the federal provinces. Here a run to the top sports events in Salzburg, Graz, Linz, Innsbruck and Kitzbühel.

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Running in Graz

Whether marathon, relay or action run. The motto is: pull on your jogging shoes, Graz is a running zone!

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Where Innsbruck runs

Two top running events in the Tyrolean capital. 

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Running events in Linz

Across the Danube, along the Danube or a relaxing family run: three running events in Linz

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Running events in Salzburg

Women Power and Mozart Flair at Salzburg’s running events 

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Walter Kraus

Walter Kraus is a sports and nutrition scientist and has been bringing amateur sportsmen and women into action with his company Runtasia ( since 2005. In addition, he shares his experiences and knowledge on a weekly basis on his info channel ( For him, running is more about the experience than the result at the end. Because the most important thing about running is that it is fun and gives you energy. In Vienna he has found the city in which you can have the best running experiences!


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