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Travelling is often a time to make compromises in a relationship. One person wants to get to know the whole history of a city and visit every museum twice, the partner is more for just waiting to see what happens. Vienna is just the ideal city to inspire even the most grouchy cultural visitor and to inhale history and art with every breath. Everywhere you will find a piece from times past. There are numerous monuments in squares, courtyards and parks. They tell of famous personalities from Austrian history or serve as a reminder of the country’s darker times.


The Blue Danube Waltz & Co

Selfie time with Austria's most famous composers

Vienna and music – a love which is renowned far beyond the boundaries of the city. As we are very proud of our musicians and composers here, there is a monument to one or the other on almost every square.

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Madame Tussauds with a difference

A celebrity hunt of a different kind is the perfect opportunity to get to know the most beautiful places around the 1st and 3rd district. Here you will find a variety of monuments of famous musicians and personalities. It does not matter if you walk barefoot through the city park or have a picnic in the Burggarten after a long shopping tour through the city centre. Everyone will find what they are looking for! The great advantage of this celebrity tour: the "targets" cannot run away. :) Which means you need less time to get the perfect holiday picture.

Followig Sisi's footsteps in the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace

Monuments and fountains

If you are not so interested in botany, then you can pay all your attention to the statues and fountains. A great favourite is the Neptune fountains. Don’t forget your camera!

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"Catching statues" in Schönbrunn

To come straight to the point, the obligatory programme of every tourist inVienna is a visit to Schönbrunn. But let's don’t bother about the palace just now. The whole area hides fascinating and mysterious monuments, statues and impressive buildings. Anyone who is a keen sportsman or woman and lives near Schönbrunn during their stay in Vienna can go for wonderful runs through the park and so discover its secrets. But no fear. There is also a small “choo choo train", which drives round the palace gardens.

A few fun facts:

  • Many of the most famous Viennese monuments have changed their location several times. This seems to be related to a person's place on the popularity scale at the time.

  • Emperor Franz Josef was apparently "not amused" about the festival in honour of his monument, because the "event manager from the House of Habsburg" did not have the event completely under control. Bad luck.

Sisi and Franz close to

Since Vienna can look back on a very multi-faceted history with great rulers and dazzling monarchs, most of them are carved in stone in oversized sizes. For example, the most famous imperial couple, Emperor Franz Joseph, and his Elisabeth alias "Sisi" can be admired very close to the city center during a ring round in the first district.



Celebrities from bygone days around the Ring

On a monument tour

Around the Ringstrasse and in the Burg- and Volksgarten there are lots of statues or artists and other famous personalities. The imperial couple is a very hot tip. You are only allowed to walk past quickly if you are hungry. ;) Otherwise you should take your time and become an art connoisseur.



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How would you suggest packing as much culture and history into a trip as possible? Who would be your favourite selfie partner?


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Born in Simmering in Vienna and a passionate young driver of Vienna’s horse-drawn carriages, he has a weakness for literature and stories from the backyard. He loves to show the city to strangers and to tell them stories that not everyone knows.  Ronni knows that Vienna is really a village. And he likes that at least as much as his job.

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