The best addresses for runners in Vienna


Everywhere in the city and at any time of the day you see runners in Vienna. One of the reasons is that in every district in Vienna there are places to run and parks of different sizes, which motivate people to be active. The largest sports area is Vienna’s Prater, but the Danube Canal and the Danube Island are also popular areas for running. Regular major events such as the Vienna City Marathon or the Women's Run, each with well over 30,000 participants, account for the additional boom in running in Vienna.

There are now a significant number of sports shops specializing in providing professional advice for runners. There are excellent running shops all over Vienna, from small and familiar to flagship stores of internationally renowned brands. What all shops have in common is that they make running even more enjoyable. And what could be better than coming home with a new sports outfit?

The basics

An often underestimated and neglected factor when running are the perfect shoes – perfectly fitted to suit your foot and running style. In Vienna you have a large selection of shops that can find the best shoe for you in different ways. But what they all have in common is years of experience and expertise.

New running shoes in Vienna

The perfect running shoe for every foot

The most important piece of equipment is the right running shoe. In order to find the perfect pair you should treat yourself to some excellent advice in a specialised shop. 

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Fashion or function

Even those shops that are specialised in clothing are well equipped. Fashion may indeed be a matter of taste, but you will definitely find your new favourite outfit amongst the huge selection of sportswear.

Looking for a new running outfit?

Where the Viennese buy their sportswear

Functional clothing is part of every runner’s standard wardrobe. These shops prove that sportswear can also be very stylish. 

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In your new outfit you can now test the Runner's Guides with jogging routes around your hotel. 



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Walter Kraus

Walter Kraus is a sports and nutrition scientist and has been bringing amateur sportsmen and women into action with his company Runtasia ( since 2005. In addition, he shares his experiences and knowledge on a weekly basis on his info channel ( For him, running is more about the experience than the result at the end. Because the most important thing about running is that it is fun and gives you energy. In Vienna he has found the city in which you can have the best running experiences!


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