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Hats in all imaginable shapes and sizes bring a smile to your lips,  extravagant clothes and accessories awaken the diva of former decades in you, furniture from times past tell stories in which you want to immerse and all that surrounded by a very special atmosphere. Whoever is looking for that - something special but with all the trappings – is a real vintage lover.  Could be you? Then Vienna is the perfect city for you. The 4th, 6th and 7th districts are perfect for vintage flair!

From luxury to affordable: everything second-hand

Second-hand is often associated with bargains. But lovers know: vintage can be a great investment. The more extravagant and limited a piece, the more expensive. Side Info: an Yves Saint Laurent dress from a special collection sold for an astounding £ 27,000 at a London auction! A vintage dress is not however always a vintage dress. There is also affordable designer fashion. In Vienna there is everything the vintage heart desires  - from luxury shops to mid-priced shops. There is something for everyone - no matter if you are a shopping queen or bargain hunter.

Vienna's Vintage Shops

Shopping tour through bygone days

No matter whether furniture or fashion – in Vienna every vintage lover will be taken back in time upon entering the charmingly furnished boutiques.


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4 tips for the perfect shopping trip to bygone times

Found your favourite shop? Then it's time for the ultimate checklist. These four tips will help you to find special vintage pieces:

Online research:

"If you do not know anything, you have to believe everything," Maria von Ebner-Eschenbach, the Austrian writer, once said. In other words, be sure to check in advance whether the boutique of your choice sells any kind of second-hand goods, or is a carefully assorted collection of vintage products.

Original is trump: 

The treasures should be closely examined on the spot. Does the style of the piece of furniture correspond to the given era? Does the label of the garment fit? Sometimes a  glance at the lookbook of the respective collection can help - if it is within reach.

A price question:

The price sometimes says more than 1,000 words. Special pieces are usually quite expensive. But there are also originals that are offered cheaply. The price should not be misleading.  Just ask an expert in advance! This makes it easy to invest in the right piece.

Used look? No thanks!

Does the object of your choice show many signs of wear? The more there are, the lower the value. Better to buy only well-preserved clothing and furniture.

First class second-hand clothes

Second-hand designer clothes

Several luxury brands such as Chanel & Co can be found in these first-class second-hand shops.



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For dummies: so what is vintage exactly?

Vintage stands for "old", "rare" and "original" in current usage. Clothing and furniture from 1920 to the 1980s is called vintage. Especially designer products from those earlier decades are in great demand. Please do not confuse vintage with retro and second hand. Because: retro is not vintage. Retro is new in the old style. Vintage can, but does not have to be, second hand. Everything clear so far? ;)

Rummaging allowed

Flea markets and record shops

There is no limit to rummaging here: from record shops to the popular flea market on the Naschmarkt. It is best to plan in a lot of time as many treasures are well hidden.

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Vintage experts - we would like to hear your opinion

Do you already possess treasures from the past? Then you presumably know if they are genuine or not. Can you recognise the period and the designer? Then you are already real experts.

What are your experiences when vintage shopping?  Have you any further tips? Share them with us and the community in the comments.


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Mei Lie Tjia

At the age of five Mei Lie Tja emigrated with her parents from Shanghai to Vienna. Since then she has been both fascinated and obsessed by Vienna. Mei  loves photo safaris in the chic, bohemian districts, discovering new cafés (espresso with lots of sugar) and writing short stories about magical Vienna.  Since she has become the mother of two children, she no longer has so much time for that – has however discovered a new side of Vienna. One which also has lots of surprises in store for families.

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