Traditional cuisine in Austria


If you are travelling through Austria, then you have to taste all the regional food. Traditional apple strudel in a coffee house is a must. Furthermore: meat dumplings in a Tyrolean tavern or boiled beef in the heart of Vienna. 

Austrian cuisine is hearty, very meaty and incredibly tasty. We will take you to the best restaurants and inns in the country. In Linz, Graz, Salzburg, Vienna and Innsbruck. To down-to-earth innkeepers and creative young chefs who interpret traditional cuisine in a new way. 

Classical Austrian cuisine in Vienna 

Cheers to old Viennese cuisine! With boiled beef, goulash, pancakes and lights. And best of all: served in a cosy tavern atmosphere! We take a look at the top restaurants with traditional Austrian cuisine in Vienna.

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Traditional inns, restaurants and wine taverns in Vienna

Top tips for Viennese cuisine

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Salzburg: the best traditional restaurants

Cheese dumplings in a rustic inn, fluffy Salzburger Nockerl (a sweet soufflé) in the noble Stiftskeller, regional specialities at the Schrannenmarkt. Salzburg has a lot to offer when it comes to traditional Austrian cuisine.

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Austrian cuisine in Salzburg

Traditional restaurants, cafés and farmers’ markets in Salzburg

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Styrian specialities: top restaurants in Graz

Styria is the shooting star amongst Austria's regions of culinary pleasures. Pumpkin seed oil, splendid wines, runner bean salad, spicy Styrian cheese - the list of typical specialities is endless. Where is the best place to taste them? In the restaurants and inns of the capital Graz!

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The best restaurants for traditional cuisine in Graz

Steirer, Laufke, Schmankerlstube – traditional restaurants in Graz

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Linz: Austrian Kitchen, traditional and creative

You have to eat a piece of Linzer cake in a cult coffee house. Linz also has a surprising variety of young, innovative chefs who reinterpret traditional Austrian home cooking.

Classical dishes and creative cooks: Austrian cuisine in Linz

Traditional Austrian dining in Linz

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Original Tyrolean cuisine in Innsbruck

It has to be hearty. With lots of Tyrolean grey cheese and bacon. With full-bodied soups and dumplings in all variations. Tyrolean cuisine tastes best in its most original form. That’s why we are going to three restaurants in Innsbruck which you definitely have to visit when you are on holiday in Tyrol. 

The best restaurants with good Tyrolean traditional fare in Innsbruck

The “best of” Austrian cuisine in Tyrol

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Born in Simmering in Vienna and a passionate young driver of Vienna’s horse-drawn carriages, he has a weakness for literature and stories from the backyard. He loves to show the city to strangers and to tell them stories that not everyone knows.  Ronni knows that Vienna is really a village. And he likes that at least as much as his job.

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