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Whether along Vienna’s Ringstrasse, in the Prater, along the Danube Canal or even on the treadmill in your favourite fitness centre - the capital offers plenty of opportunities to really burn off all your energy. It doesn’t matter if you're a leisurely amateur runner or an unstoppable top sprinter! But after you have really worked up a sweat, it is time to recharge your batteries. Again, you are spoiled for choice in Vienna.

No matter what your goal is, whenever you slip into your running shoes you should definitely make sure you have enough to eat and drink afterwards. We will also tell you here where you can find delicious, wholefood meals or freshly-pressed juices directly after your run. And if you want to really spoil yourself on top of all that, then treat yourself to an extensive massage. We can also recommend several specialists who certainly know how to relieve any tension. That is enough to delight any runner’s heart!

Vienna’s best juice bars 

The most important thing for runners is to make sure they consume enough liquid – especially when the asphalt in the city is burning hot. Still water is the best thing before and during the sport; afterwards freshly pressed juice is also a very good choice.

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Vitamin-Boost to go

The easiest way to enjoy a full load of fruit and vegetables after exercise is a freshly squeezed juice or smoothie. It saves you all the peeling and cutting in the kitchen and you can immediately switch to just relaxing.

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Healthy eating in Vienna    

Running for one hour burns several hundred calories. It is not only important that you drink enough, but also that you fill up on energy with a healthy, wholefood meal. Several restaurants and food bars have opened in Vienna in the past years, which prove that a healthy meal does not have to be boring.

Superfood for super runnners

Acai bowls, poke bowls or porridge bowls - eating out of bowls is currently very popular, especially when it comes to healthy food. Find out here where you can find all of these delicacies and much more in Vienna.

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Vienna’s hotspots to do something good for your body

Regeneration doesn’t only mean drinking and eating well, but also resting and being pampered from time to time. A really good massage can help to release tension or simply to switch off. But if you haven’t already got a masseur you trust, then you may not know where to go ….

Treat yourself to an after-sport massage

A massage is a luxury which people treat themselves to far too seldom – although it is something which is not only good for the body but also for the mind, relieving not only physical tension but also stress.

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Walter Kraus

Walter Kraus is a sports and nutrition scientist and has been bringing amateur sportsmen and women into action with his company Runtasia ( since 2005. In addition, he shares his experiences and knowledge on a weekly basis on his info channel ( For him, running is more about the experience than the result at the end. Because the most important thing about running is that it is fun and gives you energy. In Vienna he has found the city in which you can have the best running experiences!


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