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Vienna and cheap? Vienna is certainly not the most expensive compared to many other European cities, but with good food and great activities it can cost more. Nevertheless, there are ways to save money and to eat relatively cheaply, to shop or to admire the great wealth of cultureVienna is famous for the latter: there is hardly any other world-famous opera house, such as the State Opera, which allows visitors to experience great performance for just a few euros. Culture is a precious commodity in this city and yet accessible to all. Something which is often forgotten, but which is unique.

Food on a budget

When I visit Vienna I usually book my breakfast in the hotel. After all, after getting up, I want to get ready and have breakfast straight away, then rush into the city to explore. Sightseeing is however very exhausting, which means I am hungry again quite soon.

If you are in Vienna, then a classic traditional Austrian lunch is a must. But it can often happen in Vienna that you have to dig deep into your wallet for lunch. The typical “Viennese boiled beef” or Viennese Schnitzel often cost quite a bit in the classical restaurants and inns. If you don’t have much money to spend and are near the Votive Church, you can stop by at the Tunnel Vienna for lunch. The prices are still low-budget and there are still a lot of choices. It is even cheaper in the Viennese Dewan in the Liechtensteinstrasse, where you pay what you would like to pay. However, the food is so good that you are always ready to pay a little more;) Whoever is on a tight budget, simply pays less.

Purple Eat Marktstand Restaurant am Meidlinger Marktplatz. | © Purple eat

Food on a budget

Low budget but still delicious

Eating cheaply in Vienna? Yes, that is possible. You can have plenty to eat from as little as 5 euros in the Austrian capital and can also sometimes help towards a good cause.

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Shopping on a budget

Part of a perfect low budget day in Vienna is shopping for one or the other bargain. In addition to the well-known shopping streets and classic department stores, there is also a large selection of second hand shops in Vienna, including: Burggasse 24, the Bootik 54 or the Polyklamott. From clothes to jewellery to fancy accessories - here you will find everything that the fashionista heart desires, without having to dig deep into your pocket. With a little luck you many find items which would otherwise cost a lot of money - so definitely something for bargain hunters like me. Besides being cheap, this type of shopping trip is also much more fun. Because I never know what to expect.

Hippe Kleidung und Schuhe bis hin zu Vintage Accessoires und Taschen.  | © Polyklamott

Shopping on a budget

Shopping pleasure at a small price

Finding one or the other bargain without spending much money? No problem in the many second hand stores in Vienna.


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Culture on a budget

"Going to the opera is certainly expensive." Not true. Because a peculiarity of Vienna is that you can listen to some of the most famous opera singers in one of the world’s most well-known opera houses for very little money. The standing room in the opera is also not unpleasant but quite comfortable. And thanks to the peculiarity of the Viennese who reserve their place with scarves, it is also possible to leave your standing room during the breaks. Yes, you read correctly: that’s the custom here. But even in the famous Burgtheater you can get a seat for less than 10 euros. That is cheaper than any cinema, with the difference that you are there live and can experience the flair of one of the most famous theatres in the German-speaking world. Anyone who prefers to admire art and design can also visit the Museum of Applied Arts free of charge every Thursday evening. There is also the most beautiful museum shop in Vienna - but unfortunately not so "low budget". ;)

My tips:

Standing places in the opera

If you would like to see a performance in the opera when you only have a small budget, then you can get discounted standing tickets. These are usually issued 70 minutes before the performance at the box office and cost a few euros.

Last minute seats in the Burgtheater

Last minute tickets are reduced by 25 percent and are issued approximately 60 minutes before the performance begins. A perfect evening programme for theatre lovers with little budget. But there are also places with some visual restrictions that you can get hold of for 6 euros.

Free admission to the Museum of Applied Arts

The MAK am Wiener Ring offers free admission every Tuesday from 18:00 to 22:00. Perfect for all art lovers with little budget who want to round off their day in Vienna with some contemporary art.

Wiener Burgtheater | © Viktoria Egger

Culture on a budget

Opera & theatre do not have to be expensive 

Vienna is a city of music.  Not just because of the numerous musicians who live and work here. Here everyone can enjoy music, theatre and art for little money.

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