Vienna's most beautiful pavement cafés


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The summer in Vienna is something very special. Once the weather has become hot, it drives half of Vienna out onto the streets and pavements of the city. Because the summer is “Schanigarten” or "pavement café" time! There is nowhere better to settle down to a white spritzer and watch the hustle and bustle on the streets. That is precisely the characteristic element of a “Schanigarten”: tables and chairs are placed on the pavements, sidewalks, small squares or along house walls so that people can spend pleasant mornings and balmy summer evenings here. And the best part about it is that everybody does it! No matter whether a quaint wine bar, an old-established café or a hip brunch restaurant on the market square - the "Schanigarten" is there for everyone to sit down and enjoy Vienna to the full.

From cool market places and hip cafés

There are definitely enough cool bars and restaurants in Vienna! But then a cool place WITH a “Schanigarten” or outdoor café is again a huge plus. This applies to the following cafes. Here there is something for all (hip) tastes. I would especially recommend the “Schanigarten” at Ulrich. As it is not far from the Mariahilfer Straße, it is a wonderful place for a short break after shopping to refresh yourself before plunging back into the fray again!

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Hip Schanigärten & cool drinks

Here you can chill over glass of homemade lemonade and avocado on bread (and more). 

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These “Schanigärten” have cult status in Vienna

Some “Schanigärten” are true institutions in this city. The Amerlingbeisl, in the middle of the 7th district, for example, is such a place. Another "Beisl" (a Viennese synonym for a small and familiar restaurant) is the Glacis Beisl, although strictly speaking this does not really have a “Schanigarten” but an outdoor restaurant area. However, once you take a look at this oasis, nobody cares about concepts anymore but sits down immediately at one of the many inviting tables and orders a first spritzer.

© Weinstube Josefstadt

Viennese originals with Schanigärten

No matter whether a wine bar or an elegant café - they all have tables outside!

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“Schanigarten” with a difference!

If you feel like a special “Schanigarten” experience, then you will definitely have one here in these restaurants. Because not only is it wonderful to sit here, but you also have an exclusive selection of food and wine. The perfect end to a day full of exciting  meetings, culture and sightseeing.

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Special "Schanigärten"

Exclusive locations with special cuisine. 

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hotels: Hotel Anatol, Hotel Europa Wien, Hotel Beim Theresianum


Yogi Hagen

Yogi Hagen is an insatiable world traveller and a passionate cosmopolitan who feels at home in many places on this planet. For example, on one of her longer trips she took photos of travesty artists in Thailand. The journalist and photographer has been living in Vienna for several years, where she is also a fixed part of the queer community. She knows Vienna in all its facets and definitely knows which party you should not miss and where you can enjoy the best after-work drink.

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