Abbey symphonies, cafes and sweets

Mozart is everywhere. 

Mozart can still be encountered today in many places in Austria if you keep your eyes and ears open. Of particular interest: his stays with Father Leopold at Lambach Abbey, a Benedictine monastery in Upper Austria.

Salzburg, Linz

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    Lambach Abbey

    Not only the Mozart family, but also Marie Antoinette was accommodated here during her transit. The Mozarts were close friends with the abbot of the time and that is why they dedicated two symphonies to him, the old and the new Lambach symphonies - by the way, the music and manuscript archive of the monastery is quite something.

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    Mozart house St. Gilgen

    Wolfgang's equally talented sister Nannerl is the subject of a permanent exhibition in St. Gilgen am Wolfgangsee. Nannerl's mother Anna Maria Pertl was born in this house, and she married Leopold Mozart in Salzburg in 1747. Nannerl lived here until the death of her husband, then she moved to Salzburg.

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    The Mozartkugeln are probably the most famous sweets in Austria. The "real" one is packaged in blue-silver and comes from the Fürst factory in Salzburg. In addition, there are many colorfully packaged variants, all of which taste a bit different. But they are all round.

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