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Art – everywhere in Graz.


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    Kunsthaus Graz - contemporary, lively and utopian

    Graz was the "European Capital of Culture" in 2003 and since then you can visit (inside) and admire (outside) the Kunsthaus Graz - the "Friendly Alien" of the city - with its contemporary art exhibitions. The more than conspicuous building is today actually the architectural landmark of the city, thanks to its 15 light inlet trunks. The trunks alone are worth seeing.

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    Murinsel Graz

    Here in Graz an excursion "to the island" is quickly accomplished: from the “Friendly Alien” we quickly cross the street and a footbridge to the second architectural highlight of the city of Graz which still dates back to its time as European Capital of Culture. Or is it rather a ship than a small island? It doesn't matter, it's extravagant, it's design and you get: the feel of rushing water, cocktails and coffee. Or more.

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    Schell-Collection - The Key-Museum

    Is the Schell-Collection an art installation, a freaky museum, or the private pleasure of a lover of keys? Find out, but remember, where the "key" plays a role in daily life: all I'm saying is: key experience, key figure, key competence and musical key.

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Art & cultur are everywhere

It doesn't always have to be a museum. In Graz, there are plenty of opportunities for cultural enjoyment - even outside the known museums and galleries. 

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Movement in urban space

Sport aces and all who aspire to be one have plenty of opportunity to be active on the 127 km²: from yoga to water sports and boot camps, to dance and performance on the Mur Island.

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Otto Wagner places-to-be

A discovery tour of Otto Wagner’s unique style

In particular Otto Wagner’s unmistakable pavilions, originally built for Vienna’s light railway and today part of the underground lines U4 and U6, are well-known features of the city landscape. Similarly the Postsparkasse (the Austrian Post Savings Bank) or the Kirche am Steinhof are some of Vienna’s significant Art Nouveau works. Tip: take the U4 for a small voyage of discovery!

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Art, Culture and design in the capital of indulgence

Theater, Architecture and Art - enjoy the diverse cultural landscape of Graz.

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Prost, cheers and to your health in Salzburg

A drink after a sightseeing tour or a marathon meeting in Salzburg?

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“Everybody waltz!”: the viennese ball etiquette.

Read our blog here to make sure that you do everything right at the ball.

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