Bars with tradition and great views

For a relaxing drink after work

A glass of good whiskey and a fine cigar – the end to the working day doesn’t have to be so stressful


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    Hammond Bar

    The cocktail bar in the middle of the Leopoldstadt offers classic and well-established drinks, prepared by top bartenders. The happy hour between 05:00 and 07:00 pm is a popular opportunity to drink "one for the road" after the office. The Hammond Bar not only has delicious cocktails, but also cater for small appetites with snacks like paninis and toasts.

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    Planter's Club

    The bar has been a fixture in Vienna's bar scene for more than 20 years, thanks to its great selection of very old and exlusive international destillates, barkeepers from around the world and exciting cocktail creations. A little tip: simply fall back and relax in the huge leather armchairs and enjoy a drink. 

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    The Loos American Bar, designed by star architect Adolf Loos, is famous far beyond the borders of Austria. The small but fine bar is located near Kärntner Straße in the 1st district. The Loosbar is also popualr with true gourmets thanks to selection of exclusive spirits. 

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    Sky Bar

    Freedom unlimited above the clouds. That could also be used to describe the last floor of the Steffl department store. There are plenty of exquisite rum, gin and whiskey brands in the American bar overlooking St Stephan's cathedral; here you may disover a speciality or two. 


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    The Urania in Vienna is famous for its diversity. Not only is it situated right on the Danube Canal, but you will also find a cinema, a bar, an observatory and even a primary school there. But for now, let's concentrate on the bar. Drink a good glass of Viennese wine or a Sweet Love and enjoy the view towards the Giant Ferris Wheel. 

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