Burn off energy

If you want to go to the limits and push your body that little bit further, than join one of the running groups or boot camps in Vienna – you will definitely get fit that way!


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    Vienna City Boot Camp

    Everyone knows that sport is more fun in the group than alone - that's why boot camps are also booming in Vienna. The Vienna City Boot Camp is suitable for every fitness level. Newcomers start with the beginner boot camp, for advanced users the power boot camp is on offer. Perfect for those who want to train endurance, stamina and strength.

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    Adidas RUNBASE

    In addition to classic running training, the RUNBASE Vienna also offers many other ways of building up and optimising your physical health. Located in the heart of Vienna, the location is an ideal hotspot and therefore a lively environment for athletes and active minds from all areas. And best of all, if you do not have any shoes with you, you can borrow Adidas running shoes on site

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