Business-Essen auf Wienerisch

Moderne Küche mit Wiener Charme

Die traditionelle Wiener Küche ist seit Jahren sehr beliebt. Doch hin und wieder bedarf es eines kleinen Schliffs. Traditionell mit einem kleinen Schuss an Trend – diese Restaurants können es.


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    Paul is a very young restaurant on Vienna's gastro scene. It consists of a bar where breads with specially created spreads or bacon are served. Beetroot dumplings with horseradisch curd, black pudding ravioli with bacon and cabbage salad or the cake dumplings are just some examples of playful Austrian cuisine.

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    The father is in the kitchen and creates excellent four-, six- or nine-course menus while the son manages the service - a great team. Here the focus is on the essentials - namely on enjoying and relaxing. For this reason, there is no choice of dishes but set menus. Highlights include the cheese and bread trolley! The latter serves homemade bread in the most unusual variations.

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    Gasthaus Pöschl

    Just around the corner from St. Stephan's Cathedral, the former "Gasthaus Immervoll" offers not only classic Austrian cuisine, but also good dishes with that little bit extra something. Must eat: chanterelle mushrooms. If they are on the menu, then you have to order them here. The Asian salad is a poem if you just have a normal appetite. If you would like a little bit more, the schnitzel is great here.

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    Artner am Franziskanerplatz

    The furnishings reveal what Artner am Franziskanerplatz is all about: pictures of cattle and co show where the meat on the plate comes from. Here is the eye on quality and the motto of the house "Wir sind Feuer und Flamme für Steaks" ("We are passionate about steaks" is really lived up to. A particularly fitting accompaniment to the excellent steaks is the Artner "house" wine.

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    Stephan die Gastwirtschaft mit Bar

    The Stephan in Schönbrunnerstrasse in the 5th district opened in 2016. Here there are treats that reach far beyond just Viennese cuisine. Homemade greaves dumplings, pasta cabbage squares and "A Viennese in Thailand" are among the favourites. For dessert there are homemade chocolates in various flavours, from "cheesecake" to "oreo".

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