Classical dishes and creative cooks: Austrian cuisine in Linz

Traditional Austrian dining in Linz


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    In the Rauner restaurant, the two young gastronomes Sigi and Philipp Stummer treat you to down-to-earth cuisine with a special focus on the beetroot. Those who don't like the earthy tuber can order pasta with ham or veal cream goulash. They also sell homemade jams, chutneys and pesti in their own shop.

    ©Gregor Hofbauer
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    Friedlieb und Töchter

    Small but oh my! You will have difficulty finding better cakes anywhere in Linz or the surroundings than in Friedlieb und Töchter. Homemade and above all with a certain portion of love, they will bring a smile to your face after the very first bite. The choice is not just limited to typical Austrian gateaux, cakes, slices and co. – it is best to go there and see for yourself the (seasonally) varied assortment.

    ©Andreea Sasaran
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    THE address for down-to-earth traditional fare in a friendly and modern atmosphere. Top quality is a matter of course – the Ganglwirt has been serving only the best that Austria has to offer since 1838. The short trip from the heart of Linz to the Ganglwirt is definitely worthwhile!

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    Marco Barth and Sebastian Rossbach are gourmet chefs and serve simple, classic local cuisine with regional ingredients in Rossbarth. Every now and then with a slightly Asian twist. The guests sit in a beautifully renovated, listed vaulted room and watch the cooks preparing the dishes.

    ©Monika Nguyen

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