Cocktails & fancy drinks

Moscow Mule, Gin Fizz und Co in Salzburg 

Exclusive locations and unusual drinks for a special evening.


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    Burdock Punch and Cocktails

    A place where your taste buds meet unusual cocktail creations: Burdock. You will find the ultimate cocktail experience there - cross my heart! Not only are the drinks amazing, but the team will make sure you feel at home.

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    Afro Cafe

    Crazy, crazier, Afrocafe! This is where screaming, colourful African interiors meet cool drinks and delicious food. Definitely worth a visit.

    ©Afro Cafe
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    The best afterwork I can imagine takes place in an Italian atmosphere, including an aperitivo. If you are looking for a good glass of wine (or two) in the centre of Salzburg, you should definitely pay this place a visit.

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    A true classic among the people of Salzburg when it comes to good cocktails, fiery nachos and danceable South American rhythms.


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