Cocktails & fancy drinks

Moscow Mule, Gin Fizz und Co in Salzburg 

Exclusive locations and unusual drinks for a special evening.


©Afro Cafe
  1. 1

    Afro Cafe

    Crazy, crazy, Afrocafe! This is where screaming, colourful African interiors meet cool drinks and delicious food. Definitely worth a visit.

    ©Afro Cafe
  2. 2


    The Glüxfall is mainly known amongst the people of Salzburg for its excellent breakfast, but actually offers much more! The cocktails are unusual and innovative.

  3. 3

    Carpe Diem

    The Carpe Diem, in the heart of the old town of Salzburg, is the perfect place for a very special evening. In addition to a sophisticated cocktail bar, there is also an exclusive champagne bar.

    ©Carpe Diem
  4. 4

    Little Grain

    Anyone who appreciates a large selection of exclusive spirits and true mixology experts as barkeepers should definitely visit the restaurant.

    ©Salzburg Leben
  5. 5


    A true classic among the people of Salzburg when it comes to good cocktails, fiery nachos and danceable South American rhythms.


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