From the beginning to a routine

Running for every level

Here the idea of doing some sport is in the foreground. It's not just about your performance, it's about solidarity and mastering the running route in a team. Together it's easier!


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    WienLäuft (Vienna Runs)

    WienLäuftWAT organises a running or walking meeting every Tuesday in the Prater and every Thrusday in the Seestadt Aspern at 06:00 pm. The training is suitable for both beginners and advanced runners. 

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    Interval Group

    The name says it all: hier it is all about interval training. You can join the training every Thursday at 07:00 pm from May until September. The start is in Vienna's Prater. 

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    The VIE RUN running group conquers the streets of Vienna during their open runs every Wednesday at 06:00 pm. The athletes meet at the RunInc. store and after the training session spend the evening together. 

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Looking for a new running outfit?

Where the Viennese buy their sportswear

Functional clothing is part of every runner’s standard wardrobe.  These shops prove that sportswear can also be very stylish. 

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Cool experiences off the slopes

A break from winter sport

A visit to the Tyrolean capital is also worthwhile for anyone who hates winter sports, of just wants to take a break from the slopes.

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New running shoes in Vienna

The perfect running shoe for every foot

The most important piece of equipment is the right running shoe. In order to find the perfect pair you should treat yourself to some excellent advice in a specialised shop. 

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Ice ice, baby

Viennese ice cream parlours are hip, regional and the ice cream tastes better than in Italy.

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In the heart of Vienna but in the countryside too

Pure Nature – here you can enjoy Nature not far from the city.

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