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Ausgezeichnete Restaurants für das Business Dinner

Hauben, Sterne und zahlreiche Rankinglisten werden jährlich in Österreich veröffentlicht. Diese Liste zeigt, dass sich Österreich kulinarisch nicht verstecken muss.


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    The restaurant Hansen is located in one of the most magnificent houses on the Vienna Ring, the former stock exchange building. The restaurant owes its name to the famous architect Theophil Hansen, who is responsible for the brick-red brick style. The Hansen is especially known for its many variations on risottos.

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    No, there is not just culture in the Burgtheater. The Vestibül is located in the antchambers of the theatre. Even without a performance to visit, it is worth going to eat in the Vestibül. The lunch menus change daily and the 3- or 4-course chef's menu ranges from filet of brook trout to lemon tart. But the fact that it is an award-winning restaurant speaks for itself. 

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    Meierei im Stadtpark

    The Meierei in the City Park belongs to the top restaurant "Steirereck" and is quasi the "little Steirereck". More than 120 cheeses from around the world are offered here.  Austrian speciailties such as the "red monk" or "Styrian wine cheese with pear" are on the menu and the daily changing menus are especially popular for business dining.

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    Steirereck im Stadtpark

    The whole of Austria is proud: the Steirereck is one of the top 10 best restaurants in the world. It goes without saying that culinary art at the highest level prevails in this restaurant and that the quality of the food is of the utmost priority. An important detail: wild herbs grow on the roof of the Steirereck - even the most unusual ones.


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    Named after the first resident of the Palais Coburg - Princess Clementine of Orléans - the Clementine glasshouse is one of Vienna's culinary highlights. Here traditional dishes are reinterpreted in creative menus of 2- or 3-courses. The menu includes combinations such as breast of guinea fowl with carrot and orange or halibut with kohlrabi and chard.

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