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Bathing fun for all the family


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    Trampolines, barbecue, dragon boats, hiding comfortably in the reeds. All this is possible at the Ausee. The bathing lake in the east of the city lies in the middle of the Danube floodplains. With a soft sandy beach and a diving platform. The perfect place for a summer day with the kids!

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    A few metres up the Danube from the Nibelungen Bridge is the Danube beach Altuhrfahr. Everyone can find a shady place to relax and swim in the 8000 m² area of the bathing shore. A small food truck provides snacks and drinks.

    ©Linz Tourismus, Tom Mesic
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    The small Weikerlsee

    The small Weikerlsee is the most pleasant swimming area around Linz. Although it is not very big, it has everything a bathing lake needs: green meadows, clear water and an inviting restaurant. And: a small bridge that is particularly romantic at sunset in the evening!

    ©Stadt Linz, Dworschak

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