Out of the city

The countryside is really so close! Pack some tasty food or order a ready-made picnic basket – and off you go in search of nature. 

Wien, Salzburg, Linz, Graz

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    Wilhelminenberg - Vienna

    The Wilhelminenberg in the 16th district is perfect for a day trip. Sit down and relax while looking over Vienna. If you still want to take it easy on the way home, it's best to take the city hiking trail 4a back down to the city.

  2. 2

    Alte Donau - Vienna

    What about having a picnic by the water? On a boat, to be exact! Who says a picnic is only possible on the grass? On the old arm of the Danube you can borrow electric and paddle boats and cruise along while enjoying a bottle of the beer you have brought along.

  3. 3

    Small Weikerlsee - Linz

    The small Weikerlsee is the most pleasant swimming area around Linz - and therefore also ideal for a picnic. Although it is not a big lake, it has everything a bathing lake needs: green meadows and clear water. And: a small bridge that is particularly romantic at sunset in the evening!

    ©Stadt Linz, Dworschak
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    Hellbrunn Park - Salzburg

    A decadent picnic in the elegant park of Hellbrunn. The further you get away from the tourist groups, the more pleasant the atmosphere. Bring the Prosecco with you!

  5. 5

    Mattsee - Salzburg

    Not far from the city, in the heart of the Salzburg lake district, the picturesque countryside around the Mattsee is an inviting place for a romantic picnic for two. Around the lake you will find lots of charming bays where you will certainly want to spend some time. 

  6. 6

    Eggenberg Palace - Graz

    You can easily forget the time in the gardens of Eggenberg Palace. As in the 19th century, the willows blow over the lake - almost like in a fairytale. An absolute must for dreamy picnickers! In the castle café next door you can pick up a picnic basket with regional delicacies.

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