Summer bonfires, parades and flower festivals

The main thing is to be out in the warmth and in the sunshine!

Is there anything more moving than watching the “burning peaks” of the summer bonfires from the valley or the river? Yes, on Trachtensonntag, giants stomp through the villages or the male inhabitants get to grips with each other: Naturally, all in the name of tradition ...

Salzburg, Graz, Linz, Wien, Innsbruck

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    The solstice bonfires in the Wachau

    The summer solstice is celebrated with flamboyance and flame in the Wachau region on the Danube, but also on many mountain tops and Alpine pastures. An experience enjoyed from a boat or the patio of a wine tavern, for example, no matter whether it’s known locally as Bergfeuer, Herzjesufeuer (Tyrol) or Sonnwendfeuer. If the weather cooperates.

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    Samson parades

    The Samson is a symbolic figure in Salzburg’s Lungau, a heroic character from the 16th century, and is carried through the villages from summer through to autumn as a giant figure, flanked by dwarves and a band. By contrast, in Styria – for example, in Murau – the Samson appears only once each year: on 15 August.

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    The Narzissenfest

    The same question is on everyone’s lips in May of every year in the Ausseerland in Salzkammergut: will the weather hold? For days on end, tonnes of narcissi are gathered – children and guests also lend a hand – to stage the huge figures for the boat parade on the Grundlsee and the city parade in Bad Aussee as spectacularly as always. A first-rate event in Austria attracting huge crowds of onlookers.

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    The Ranggler

    One of the last men-only bastions among Austria’s customs: the Ranggler, or wrestlers, in Tyrol and Salzburgerland. Or put more attractively: a show of male strength – but is also accepted as a traditional sport. The wrestling was used in ancient times to settle border disputes between dairymen and farmhands or also to impress a dairymaid. The wrestling takes place every year around the feast of St James in July in Maria Alm at the “Hundstoa-Ranggeln” event.

    ©Salzburger Ranggelverband

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