The hip ice cream parlours

Hip and unusual

Pimp my ice cream differently for a change. You want to eat more than just ice cream? No matter whether vegan, FroYo or in a particularly stylish setting: here you are in the right place!


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    The name of this small but fine ice-cream parlour is a little misleading. Because lots of the varieties are sweetened with stevia or natural sugar like birch sugar! That does not spoil the taste, quite on the contrary!  In addition to many classic varieties, there are also lots of fresh, more daring flavours for you to try, for example greengage. I can also highly recommend the homemade cake creations!

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    This is where the ice-lover's heart beats a little bit faster! No matter if unusual varieties or classics, every scoop is a pleasure and vegan as well. Veganista is especially ideal for night owls - the parlour is open until 10:00 pm.

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    Sweet Hell

    You can spend ages looking, but you presumably won’t find any crazier kind of ice cream than at Sweet Hell. Gin, Jägermeister and popcorn are only some of the creations which in the meantime are now available in several ice cream parlours in Vienna. Compared to these flavours, raspberry-basil and lemon-sage seem really boring. But you have to try them all because sweet hell simply tastes wickedly good!

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    Regionality and quality are very important in this ice cream parlour. If you want to convince yourself, you can visit one of the small ice cream shops right in the heart of Vienna.

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    The Schelato is not only the ice cream parlour with the coolest logo, but also the most photogenic interior! And the ice is of course just as good as far as coolness and taste are concerned. A special highlight is the pleasant pavement café including fragrant orange trees.


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