Viennese confectioneries

For anyone with a sweet tooth!


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    K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäcker Demel

    Definitely the most traditional and thus oldest Viennese coffee house among all my tips, the confectioner's skills of which go back to the year 1786. For me, Café Demel is one of my favourite cafés thanks to its historical furnishings, the confectionery and cakes which are really worth seeing, as well as its large selection of sweet souvenirs from Vienna. My insider tip as a souvenir: Sisi's beloved candied violets or the Demel chocolate cat tongues!

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    K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäcker Gerstner

    For over 170 years, Gerstner has also been seducing his clientele with traditional desserts and pastries. In the shop you can buy sweet souvenirs in a very imperial style or enjoy coffee & cake in the café. But the real highlight is the 2nd floor, which can be used for lunch or afternoon coffee during the day. The rooms are hardly to be surpassed in opulence and imperial style!

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    This still relatively young Boulangérie & Pâtisserie in the Bäckerstraße in the middle of the city centre is my personal recommendation for all lovers of freshly baked, crispy bread and sourdough baguette. Especially delicious are the homemade brioche and the (un)filled croissants. The secret recipe is said to be the original French butter, which is used for this.

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    Créme de la Créme

    As the name suggests, you'll find only the finest French desserts and the very best iced coffee in town in this display case! Nothing against stirred Viennese iced coffee, but this is not only lovingly served in a tall glass, but also refined with two very special, homemade biscuits. The range of visitors is mixed, the atmosphere very French in its own way.


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