After the meeting is before the first cocktail


“Work hard – play hard!” is one of the most motivating work mottos of all time. Meaning that if you work a lot, you should also have a lot of fun! Especially during business trips the time to switch off is in the evening and to enjoy the flair of a foreign city. Often, after a tiring working day, it is hard to find the energy to explore a new city, but the effort often works wonders!  Therefore: close your laptop and off to the next after-work drink in one of the cocktail bars or one of the top clubs.

Cosmopolitan was yesterday

Vienna is not only known for its good wines, but also for its bar and club scene. The city ranks amongst the best when it comes to classical sightseeing and also scores with many young people. All around the first district, there's everything your heart desires: from open-air events, to after-work clubbing, to bars with internationally renowned bartenders.

Pina Colada, Moscow Mule or Caipirinha

The best bars for an after-work drink

Whether a vodka or gin lover – there’s the right drink for everybody in these cocktail bars. New- and old-school barkeepers let their creativity flow. The result tastes really good.


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Sit down and join us!

Business trips can be quite lonely ventures. Often it is not even the motivation that lacks, but the horrendous thought of having to sit alone at the bar and feel as though you had been stood up. But don’t be afraid – nothing ventured, nothing gained and discovering a foreign city at night can be a very rewarding experience. It is usually easier to start a conversation in a relaxed after-work atmosphere than during the day. And the smaller the room, the easier this will be. Thank goodness there are many small bars in Vienna where you can enjoy excellent cocktails and good music. If the worst comes to the worst, you can always talk to the barkeeper.


Good vibes after work

Off onto the dance floor

In these locations you can sip cocktails and then dance the night away. Whether chilled house-beats, fast samba rhythms or groovy soul music – it’s party time here after work!

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St Stephan's Cathedral with a difference

Of course, Vienna is also an ideal place to drink to a successful deal with colleagues or to deepen a business relationship. Several rooftop bars in the heart of Vienna are particularly impressive, not only because they have an outstanding cocktail menu but also offer a spectacular view over the rooftops of Vienna. This is also an opportunity to integrate some culture into a business trip. But in Vienna you will also find that the more trendy the location, the longer you will have to wait until there is space. Therefore definitely make a reservation in advance. That way you will waste no time and the best table in the house will be waiting for you.


Bars with tradition and great views

For a relaxing drink after work

A glass of good whiskey and a fine cigar – the end to the working day doesn’t have to be so stressful

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hotels: Hotel Europa Wien, Hotel Rathauspark Wien


Yogi Hagen

Yogi Hagen is an insatiable world traveller and a passionate cosmopolitan who feels at home in many places on this planet. For example, on one of her longer trips she took photos of travesty artists in Thailand. The journalist and photographer has been living in Vienna for several years, where she is also a fixed part of the queer community. She knows Vienna in all its facets and definitely knows which party you should not miss and where you can enjoy the best after-work drink.

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