Bizarre and unique museum experiences in Vienna


Bizarre, funny, spooky - or simply totally unexpected and Viennese. The museums in Vienna don’t just offer a wide range of renowned museums in terms of art and culture – just to name a few: Belvedere, Kunsthistorisches Museum or Albertina – you can also find many extraordinary museums. Where else in the world, if not in Vienna, where the morbid is part of the Viennese soul, should one find a "funeral museum", a "torture museum" or a "criminal museum"?

Coffee Museum, Furniture Museum, Dental Museum, Sisi Museum, Forger's Museum or the Wine Museum? All of these belong to Vienna just like the National Library, Schönbrunn Palace, Gustav Klimt and Otto Wagner. How spooky or how Viennese would you like your trip to be?

Fear and horror in old Vienna   

A certain tendency towards morbidity has always been said to be a characteristic of the Viennese. It may stem from the old bloodthirsty Viennese legends or the typical Viennese "Raunzen" (to grizzle), the death cult of the "Pompfüneberer" (a "uniformed mortician" in Vienna) or the "Grantigsein" (being grumpy) without reason - not only in old Vienna was this weakness honored. But even in the Vienna of today one can still be convinced of these weaknesses in some museums.

Statue of Lady Justice

For the brave and courageous ones

Vienna and its morbid museums

Vienna has the dubious reputation of being the most morbid city in the world. Well, no matter how much truth there may be behind it: the museums can definitely keep up with it.

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Of course Vienna can be curious. 

The Viennese have always loved curiosities and the display of such extraordinary things to amaze, probably just as much as the morbid in everyday life. You can go on a guided tour on the traces of this hidden Vienna, or choose one or the other curious museum.

Magic Box Museum | © Manfred Klaghofer

Peculiar museums with entertainment factor

Marvel and smile. 

It is not uncommon to find curious glimpses of everyday life in Vienna - even if you just stroll around a little - such as a backyard or a hidden passageway. Some museums also offer unusual insights and views.

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©Manfred Klaghofer

Vienna in a nutshell

Typical Viennese stories, souvenirs and peculiarities are also deeply rooted in many a Viennese museum. But museums are also dedicated to famous personalities such as Empress Elisabeth or the men of the Strauss dynasty ("The Danube Waltz"). Or take a look where Gustav Klimt spent the last years of his life painting, living and loving.

Michaelerplatz | © Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H. - Severin Wurnig

Viennese stories at the Museum

Unique and charming – just like the city. 

Every visitor to Vienna takes home one or the other souvenir. And souvenirs are memories - even of local, typical museums.

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©Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H. - Severin Wurnig
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