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Clear soup with pancake strips, Viennese schnitzel, goulash, boiled beef, apple strudel, Sacher sausages and co – does that make your mouth water? If you visit Vienna, you should also try the good Austrian cuisine at least once. Good beef soups with garnishes, lots of meat and a lot of dishes from Hungary, the Czech Republic and Northern Italy can be found on the menus of typical Austrian restaurants. Not really light cuisine, but all the more tasty!

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Classical Austrian cuisine

These places are popular with the Viennese for their delicious Austrian cuisine but at the same time are real insider tips. It is worth going there when you are hungry!



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The special thing about Austria's delicacies

This is paradise for anyone who likes a hearty meal. And I have to admit, when I read the word "goulash", my mouth starts watering. Anyone suffering from gluten intolerance like myself will unfortunately have to have potatoes with it, because a goulash is actually classically accompanied by small dumplings. An explosion of taste which you will never forget – promise! Of course, light cuisine is also available in the classic Viennese restaurant, but that's why you do not actually go to such a place. Personally, I end up here when the night was too long, work too exhausting or when my only goal for the day is to go to bed with a full stomach.

No matter if Viennese or non-Viennese: even if you have a favourite restaurant, it is still sometimes good to have a look at a travel guide or check the internet. The agony of choice is not only great, but you can also become slightly stressed when you see the great choice of restaurants and pubs. Each one is good in its own way, loved by some and hated by others. That's the way it is. There are simply some restaurants or pubs with Austrian cuisine which in the end I always go to. A classic in my case: the Gasthaus Pöschl. Fantastic food, a great atmosphere and located right in the city centre. If you're lucky, you will be able to get a seat if you just turn up, otherwise call and reserve beforehand.

Well-known favourites

From schnitzel to boiled beef

They are famous for their attractive Viennese dishes such as the classic schnitzel and boiled beef


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Where can I get my schnitzel?

There are of course many other places - in the city centre you will find a restaurant serving Austrian cuisine in nearly every street. Figlmüller’s schnitzel is a sensation, the creamed veal goulash in the Ofenloch a dream and you musn’t miss out on the “Tafelspitz” (boiled beef) in Plachutta. So prepare yourself to eat a lot if you want to sample everything.  Authentic furnishings also contribute to the success of a good meal. It could be a little rustic, with wooden tables and chairs and the classic "Stammtisch" right at the entrance, where the local regulars meet. That’s what makes a Viennese pub what is it: comfortable, sometimes a little bit out of date, but with excellent food. A good piece of boiled beef is served in its own soup and a good schnitzel looks as if it had never seen fat - although Austrian cuisine is certainly not low on fat.

If you have browsed through the menu, you quickly do away with the idea of choosing the “lightest on the menu”. Three courses are a must, e.g. some good soup with a liver dumpling, a piece of boiled beef and then a few pancakes with apricot jam to follow, or alternatively soup with  pancake strips, a schnitzel and chocolate cake covered with sauce and cream. And anyone not used to eating so much should treat themselves to a digestif - preferably a schnapps. It works wonders.

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