Viennese tips

Classical Austrian cuisine

These places are popular with the Viennese for their delicious Austrian cuisine but at the same time are real insider tips. It is worth going there when you are hungry!




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    Restaurant Sperl

    Not in the first district but still this restaurant must be mentioned here as a special tip. Austrian food just as grandmother would have cooked it is served here. Perfect beef soups, great ribs, great Schnitzel - a poem. With the rustic decor it is difficult to believe that you are in Vienna and not somewhere in the country. But that's also good - a break from the city right in the centre of Vienna.

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    Gasthaus Pöschl

    Just around the corner from St. Stephan's Cathedral, the former "Gasthaus Immervoll" offers not only classic Austrian cuisine, but also good dishes with that little bit extra something. Must eat: chanterelle mushrooms. If they are on the menu, then you have to order them here. The Asian salad is a poem if you just have a normal appetite. If you would like a little bit more, the schnitzel is great here.

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Well-known favourites

From schnitzel to boiled beef

They are famous for their attractive Viennese dishes such as the classic schnitzel and boiled beef


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Coffee to go & Co

The perfect refreshment after a shopping tour on the Mariahilfer Strasse

You will definitely need some refreshment after a shopping tour on Vienna’s most famous shopping street. But even if it is just a snack in between, it should still be something special. There are numerous small shops and pop-up stores in the area which exactly fit the bill. 

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Find your favourite place in the park

From park bench to tree trunk

Green areas and parks are the ideal places to get to know the quiet side of Vienna’s inner city. Whether on a picnic blanket or a shady bench, you can really relax in Vienna’s parks.

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