Coffee to go & Co

The perfect refreshment after a shopping tour on the Mariahilfer Strasse

You will definitely need some refreshment after a shopping tour on Vienna’s most famous shopping street. But even if it is just a snack in between, it should still be something special. There are numerous small shops and pop-up stores in the area which exactly fit the bill. 


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    The Kaffeemik, just round the corner from the Mariahilfer Straße, is an absolute must for all coffee lovers in a hurry.  Made quickly but with a lot of feeling and know-how, the self-roasted coffee will give you energy for the next round of shopping in the 7th district. By the way, the Kaffeemik is the first independent coffee roastery in Europe. 


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    Von Walden

    Von Walden, just round the corner from McDonald's on the Mariahilfer Straße, shows that take-away food in keeping with the paleo principle (pure food with sugar and additives) is also possible. Here, low-carb, TCM or lactose and gluten-free foods can be purchased and enjoyed. It is definitely worth a try and visit.

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    Corns n' Pops

    The name Corns n 'Pops says it all: here you will find everything to do with cereals. At the cereal bar you are spolit for choice. There are over 50 variations of flakes to choose from - every muesli lover will be thrilled by the individually tailored cereals. Another bonus in Corns n 'Pops is the Fairtrade coffee.

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    Brass Monkey

    You can have a feast in the Brass Monkey in the middle of Gumpendorfer Straße - an insider tip for all lovers of cupcakes. They are not only available in all possible variations, but also vegan and served together with Greek coffee. But don't worry, there is something here even for "cupcake abstainers": the homemade brownies. In other words: Brass Monkey is an expert on everything that is sweet.

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