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From park bench to tree trunk

Green areas and parks are the ideal places to get to know the quiet side of Vienna’s inner city. Whether on a picnic blanket or a shady bench, you can really relax in Vienna’s parks.


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    Stadtpark (City Park)

    Anyone who wants to recover from a walk around Vienna's Ring can defintely sit and relax in the City Park. One or the other famous composer or painter can be found on the paths through the greenery next to the landscaped pond. A particularly popular photo subject is the Johann Strauss statue - it is perhaps even the most photographed monument in Vienna.

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    Although the park on Schillerplatz is one of the smaller green spaces along Vienna's Ringstrasse, it is definitely worth a visit. Even if it is just because of its numerous monuments: the Schiller monument and stone busts of Anastasius Green, Nicholas Lenau, Josef Weinheber and Franz Werfel can all be admired there. The Academy of Fine Arts, built by the architect Theophil Hansen, dominates the Schillerplatz.

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    With its 40,000 m2, the Rathauspark is a popular place if you are looking for somewhere green. On the Rathausplatz - in front of the City Hall - there is something going on almost all year round: whether it is the Christmas market in the run-up to Christmas, the fanastic ice rink at the beginning of the year, the Styrian spring in April or the open-air festival in the summer months.

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    The Sigmund Freud Park is situated between the Votive Church and Schottentor. In summer there are deckchairs if you want to relax. Students in particular use the park near the university as an oasis of peace in the warm months. As the green area is located near Vienna's Ringstrasse, it is a perfect place to stop on every sightseeing tour!

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    The Volksgarten can be found right next to the Burggarten. And no, we do not mean the well-known disco club. The Volksgarten is an inviting place to relax and enjoy in the middle of the city: rest your legs and let your mind wander as you look at the blooming rose garden. Not to be overlooked is the temple of Theseus, which is a miniature replica of the Hephaestus temple in Athens.

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    A true oasis of peace is the Burggarten. Whether for a leisurely stroll  or just to calm down: the Burggarten is known for its relaxing atmosphere. It definitely will not be boring in the park, because there is a lot to see. Here you will also find the monuments of Mozart, Emperor Franz I and Franz Joseph.

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